Best of RVA Craigslist Missed Connections 6/30-7/7

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Don’t kid yourself… summer’s not getting any cooler yet, and we all need a little steamy seduction in our lives. So yes, you can go for that… missed connections post.

Don’t kid yourself… summer’s not getting any cooler yet, and we all need a little steamy seduction in our lives. So yes, you can go for that… missed connections post.

So unleash your inner Hall and/or Oates and check out these CL posts and maybe you’ll find yourself some summer love.

u recently gave me pro massage – m4m – 42 (richmond) 7/7

i recently got a massage from you at your studio. i was hoping your hands would wander a little more. i know this is a long shot, but i’m hoping you see this and will provide a more complete rub down the next time I book an appt.

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food lion at iron gate – m4w (23234) 7/6

You were the most beautiful woman I have ever seen – from your complexion to your hair and tattoos. You were so sexy in your dress. I know we made eye contact a couple of times but like a dummy I never approached you. In the one in a million chance you see this please respond. This happened a little while ago on Sunday evening.

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Potato Salad – m4w (richmond) 7/5

You asked me about mustard seeds..
In the bulk section..
I wasn’t too sure what to say..
“Enjoy your potato salad” was all that would come out..
I regret not saying more..
Is this creepy??
It probably is..
Wanna cook together sometime??

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Pretty Blonde BBW at Squirrels games 6/26 & 6/27 – m4w (Richmond) 7/3

You were the beautiful and extremely tall blonde (shoulder length, reddish blonde w/highlights) BBW, with curves everywhere, sitting near the visitors dugout last Thursday and Friday at the Squirrels games. On Friday, you were sitting in front of a bunch of high school/college guys, just a few rows down from the entrance. You were with a guy (black shirt/baseball cap) who was sitting in the aisle seat, but I couldn’t take my eyes off you. You were wearing a black V-neck blouse on Friday that showed off just the right amount of cleavage and you were carrying a silver tote and wearing pinkish sunglasses. I was sad that you didn’t stay for the double header. I don’t expect a reply, but I did want you to know that you are absolutely stunning. Your smile lit up the evening. I only hope the man you were with knows how extremely lucky he was to be with you because I wasn’t the only one admiring you either night.

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Country boy with camo bassboat – w4m (7-11 Rt5&Osborne) 7/2

You held the door for me tonite at the 7-11 in Varina (Rt 5 & Osborne Tpk) I was speachless because you where just too damn sexy and took my breath with your country boy look. I am sure I am older than you but don’t really care I don’t look my age. You where driving a burgandy truck pulling a Camo bass/fishing boat. Saw you on 95 too. Tell me what exit off of 95 you got off of if you want to chat. Hope you see this but I know its a long shot… worth a try if your single.

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I’m sorry I cut you with my toenail – m4w – 24 (church hill) 7/2

I’m also sorry that I didn’t get up to get you a bandaid and that I left this morning while you were sleeping and didn’t leave my number. Also, I ate your last piece of cheese.

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Ana – m4w (Lowry tire) 7/2

The guy at the counter kept calling you Fantasia instead of your name. You have the same furry friend as I and you have the same type of car also. I’m still in disbelief because its rare to find a woman who still has personality, confidence and still dresses like you do. I hope to run into you again sometime. Maybe we could do lunch, dinner or marriage sometime. Ok, ok, ok….. I was kidding. We don’t have to do lunch or dinner. ( I’m hoping for a smile at least) On a serious note, I honestly hope to see you around sometime. Was nice talking with you.

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Gray Toyota Camry on I 95 Southbound – m4w (I95 SB) 7/1

When I first got a glimpse of you as you passed me, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. I know you noticed as we played hopscotch in traffic all the way from Fredricksburg. You smiled and waved at me as we parted ways at the 295 Interchange. You sure made the trip home a fun ride, trying to keep up with you. It was fuel well spent in my eyes darlin’. You are the most lovely lady I’ve seen in quite some time. Hope you see this. Would LOVE to get together sometime.

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Diane the teller with the most AMAZING eyes – m4w 7/1

Your beautiful blue eyes are still looking into mine whenever I close my eyes. You are the reason I will make frequent trips to the bank. To see your smile. To look into those glimmering eyes. You create dreams.

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We couldn’t stop looking at eachother – m4m (Texas Beach ) 7/1

We kept making eye contact the entire time and I thought you were absolutely stunningly handsome. You had two tattoos on your back a yellow lion and a red dragon I think. Could tell from the distance. I was on the rocks near you. You had red shorts on and you were with a group of your friends. 3 girls with a white dog. I feel so weird posting on here but it’s been about two days and I can’t stop thinking about how handsome you were. I regret not chatting with you. Message me if you ever see this.

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My Sicilian stud – w4m (chesterfield) 6/30

I bummed a cigarette off of you in the outside smoking area of a bar on Friday 6/20 we talked forever we danced and we kissed we left together. Can’t stop thinking about you I have never been kissed like that before. It was some intense chemistry between us. Doubt you will see this but a girl can hope. Name the bar and where we went after

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Brad Kutner

Brad Kutner

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