David Brat and Mark Warner big winners in 2014 election

by | Oct 20, 2014 | POLITICS

Please welcome David Brat to the congressional house and give Mark Warner a pat on the back for his return to the senate.

Please welcome David Brat to the congressional house and give Mark Warner a pat on the back for his return to the senate.

Election 2014 is (finally) over and there were few surprises as polls closed.

Reports of issues voting at some precincts sent activists on both sides wailing, but solid margins on the important state-wide races left little room for debate.

Congressman David Brat, a new face in Virginia’s political sphere, made headlines when he beat former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the primaries earlier this year. The Republican/libertarian candidate and Randolph-Macon professor was all but guaranteed to win in the hard-right leaning 7th district of Henrico, Goochland, and Chesterfield.

Brat outspent his democratic opponent Jack Trammel, a fellow Randolph-Macon professor, more than 3-1 on this race.

The low financial backing for Trammel could suggest how little faith and hope the left had for the underdog candidate.

Brat’s policies follow along party lines – no government spending except social security and no involvement in peoples private lives except when it comes to women’s health. Death to Obamacare, long live unlimited gun access.

Democratic Sen. Mark Warner, who was predicted to win with almost total certainty, came out on top over Republican opponent Ed Gillespie. Warner spent $16 million to Gillespie’s $6+ million, but it seemed from the get-go Warner was on track to retain his seat in the Senate.

Warner supports Obamacare, has been a long time friend to LGBTQ and women’s rights, but still supports VA’s use and expansion of coal power.

The rest of the country took part in a number of elections as well, and it looks like the Senate and House will go red, with the executive being the only Federal branch of government remaining blue.

2015-16 will be a lame-duck term. Congrats America, voting works.

For more breakdowns of today’s election, check out details at the VA board of Elections website.

Brad Kutner

Brad Kutner

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