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by | Nov 3, 2023 | RICHMOND POLITICS

Urban One Founder Cathy Hughes is an incredibly accomplished woman who has lived the American Dream. At one time, she ranked as the United States’ second wealthiest African American woman, following Oprah Winfrey. Hughes is the founder of Radio One (now known as Urban One), and with its public launch in 1999, she made history as the first African American woman to lead a publicly traded company.

Presented below are selected passages from the Richmond Grand Casino Update Radio Show, broadcast live on air on WPZZ 104.7FM between September 18th and November 1st, 2023. These segments include conversations involving Urban One Founder Cathy Hughes, in dialogue with host Gary Flowers and additional participants. We share this content for listeners to form their own opinions, refraining from offering any additional commentary. We encourage people to listen to the full episodes for full context.

Richmond casino conversation with Cathy Hughes 2023


0:00 Richmond’s Dual Narratives: House & Field 
Cathy Hughes converses with Preston Brown about the house and field dynamics.

0:45 16 Courageous Clerics 
Cathy Hughes reflects on the valor of the 16 pastors who supported the casino.

1:08 Community Involvement in Church 
Cathy Hughes questions congregants about their participation in church activities.

1:27 Questioning the Church’s Commitment
Cathy Hughes expresses disappointment towards churchgoers who didn’t persuade their pastors to back the casino.

1:50 The Middle-Class Conundrum 
Cathy Hughes shares her thoughts on challenges faced by the black middle class.

2:28 A Call to Action: Voting Matters 
Cathy Hughes urges individuals to assist others in voting.

2:49 Beyond Color Lines
Cathy Hughes emphasizes that the referendum transcends racial considerations.

3:03 Perceptions & Prejudices 
Cathy Hughes delves into the lingering notion of seeing someone as 3/5 of a person.

3:23 Drive and Mobilize 
Cathy Hughes motivates individuals to help transport voters from vulnerable areas to polling stations.

3:54 Kaine’s Controversial Stance in 2021 
A discussion between Cathy Hughes and Gary Flowers about Sen. Tim Kaine’s position affecting the initial referendum and his connection to Southside.

5:12 Questioning Kaine’s Intentions 
Cathy Hughes ponders upon Sen. Kaine’s potential desire for a Confederate statue.

5:50 Remarks on Jim Ukrop
Cathy Hughes discusses Jim Ukrop’s views, expressing strong disagreement.

6:42 $10 Million Investment Woes 
Cathy Hughes expresses frustration over the hefty sum invested in the casino promotion.

7:14 Nasdaq Delisting: Perspective 
Cathy Hughes downplays the significance of being delisted from Nasdaq.

7:43 Potential Migration of Urban One 
Cathy Hughes suggests considering relocation if the referendum faces another setback.

7:50 Chelsea Higgs-Wise and Charles-Chipman: An Analysis 
Gary Flowers critiques activists Chelsea Higgs-Wise and Allan Charles Chipman.

8:56 Brown’s Show Premiere 
Hughes celebrates the successful inauguration of Preston Brown’s Southern Soul Show as part of The Richmond Grand Casino Update on 99.5FM The Box.

9:18 Brown’s Controversial Remarks on Goldman 
Preston Brown makes strong comments about No Means No Committee chairman Paul Goldman during his radio show.

9:52 Brown’s Observations on Kaine’s Domestic Life 
On his 99.5FM show, Preston Brown ponders about Sen. Kaine’s ability to vote in Washington given certain household dynamics.

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