RVA Mag’s lip synch battle offers chance to fake it with the best, benefits Feedmore

by | Jun 21, 2016 | POLITICS

At this point Lip Synching is a part of our culture, with shows dedicated to it and late night hosts bringing in guests to perform.

At this point Lip Synching is a part of our culture, with shows dedicated to it and late night hosts bringing in guests to perform. Its fun and silly, and lets people bring there own creative flip to how they wish to perform. Well we already had one event and it was fun and people enjoyed it so we thought we would do another with The Answer Brewpub and Strangeways Brewing on Thursday, June 30th!

So bring your best songs and ideas, challenge your friends and come away with some prizes and swag. We will have special beers, special food and judges to help us figure out who the lip sync champion is!

Share it out – let your friends know and come early if you want to sign up and get your song choices in. We will be set up with a computer and a stage for you – we will have some costumes but please bring your own. Shoot, you can even work out some dance routines and make it really impressive for us – we dare you!

And even if you’re not a lip sync all star, coming out and having some fun with us will benefit a good cause. All day on 6/30, 10% of sales at the Answer go to Feedmore, Central Virginia’s core hunger-relief organization comprised of programs like the Central Virginia Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, the Mobile Pantry and Kids Cafe.

So to get you going we are sharing some of our favorite Lip Synch moments from TV and movies. Let us know if we missed any amazing performances, and see you on the stage!

Terry Crews – A Thousand Miles

This has to be one of the best for a number of reasons. Terry Crews owns, he brings it all – lyrics are spot on, flag game is strong and really gets the audience going.

Emma Stone – Hook

Oh Emma how I love you. Early on Emma Stone was on Fallon for Lip Synch battles and basically blew Jimmy out of water. Everything about it is perfection – she nails all the lyrics and acts it out, making it funny. Jimmy had to try hard to step it up, but Emma came in at the end with Dj Khaled and Ludacris “All I do is Win” – Champion crowned end of story!

Will Smith – “And Im telling you”

Fresh Prince of Bel Air here, Will Smith goes all out with this classic from Dreamgirls. Love the jumping and hitting. No Idea how James Avery (Phil) kept it together, but he is a pro. Anyway – this is good.

Jon Cryer – Pretty In Pink Otis Redding

Classic Brat Pack scene here with Jon Cryer doing a great Otis Redding in his own way. Ducky is doing everything he can for the love of the lady… she should have picked Ducky… should have.

Freddie Mercury – Radio GA GA

Thats right, Freddie Lip syncing here, now what happened was he and the band was asked to Lip synch for the show. Well about half way through he’s like F this – and just makes the point to show everyone that you know what Im lip synching and Im gonna play it up because why not. If your gonna have to Lip synch – well them sell it like Freddie.

Luciano Pavarotti – Nessun Dorma

A little history here – this is the 2006 Winter Olympics. Pavarotti planned on singing this live, but with the conditions being sub zero and the orchestra not being able to perform he agreed to Lip Synch it. Pavarotti was 71 years old and in ill health, so singing was becoming hard at this point anyway. What really makes this stand out is his charisma and strength when doing the song. Really you can’t tell he is lip synching – I’m sure he is singing it lightly anyway. He performed this song many times in his career. This is how you really do it – full on with all the emotion.

Brad Kutner

Brad Kutner

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