Updated: Dorsey-Gate, Local Man Detained at City Council With Depressingly Outlandish Video

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Updated: Looks like there’s a new video of Dorsey-Gate. See Chris Dorsey fight with the police on the steps of city hall after the jump. There were no winners here.

Updated: Looks like there’s a new video of Dorsey-Gate. See Chris Dorsey fight with the police on the steps of city hall after the jump. There were no winners here.

Original article:

Well, details are thin, and the official city council video feed doesn’t shed much light on the situation either, but local activist and blogger Chris Dorsey got detained at last night’s City Council meeting.

It seems he was working with another local blogger and show taper, Silver Persinger. Dorsey was sitting in the press box area of city council, a position City Council’s Public Information Manager, Steve Skinner, was not comfortable with.

Dorsey had the camera rolling for the duration of the incident (sadly it doesn’t show much, but you can watch the video below):

Style Weekly has some more details from the event:

“But when Dorsey sat in the chamber’s press gallery, council’s communications director, Steve Skinner, asked him to leave. Dorsey, who wears a handgun at most meetings, asserted he had the right to sit there. During the exchange Skinner said he thought Dorsey pointed at his gun. Dorsey said he hadn’t.

Skinner called over a police officer, who twisted Dorsey’s arm behind his back and escorted him out. Once in the hallway, the sound of his repeated yells filtered through the chamber’s heavy wooden doors.

“I’m being kidnapped,” Dorsey shouted as officers carried him out of the building.

Once outside, Dorsey was issued a no-trespass order and released. “I’m going to sue those degenerate motherfuckers,” he said. “Man, this might be one of the first quadrillion dollar lawsuits of all time.””

You can watch the official City Council video feed from last night below. However, it doesn’t show much. You’ll hear Councilman Samuels ask for a “pause” before expelling Dorsey.

You can read a transcript of the Dorsey arrest video here, but here are the highlights:

0:01:36 Dorsey: yeah I’ve already explained to you . can you can you please step away from me . you you’re threatening me . you’re in my space
0:01:40 Skinner: yeah
0:01:41 Dorsey: you you your hand is
[camera tilts down to Skinner’s hands]
0:01:42 Skinner: are you are you threatening me with your gun . did you put your hand toward your gun
0:01:45 Dorsey: I’m not I’m not I’m I’m
0:01:45 Skinner: did you motion toward . you pointed to your gun
0:01:47 Dorsey: no I pointed actually
0:01:48 Skinner: you pointed to your gun
0:01:49 Dorsey: no I absolutely did not
0:01:50 Skinner: you’re gonna have to be removed
0:01:51 Dorsey: no I’m not . I I have videotape recording . I pointed to your hand . I I need I need you over here Silver
0:02:01 Skinner: I think he needs to be removed from chambers

Editors note: Post originally listed Dorsey as detained, he was expelled form council chambers and not charged with a crime.

Brad Kutner

Brad Kutner

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