RVA Magazine & GayRVA Endorse Alexsis Rodgers for Virginia State Senate


While we believe any Democratic candidate would do a great job, Alexsis Rodgers is our choice because we need new voices and ideas in the Virginia State Senate. She has shown tireless dedication to fighting for home healthcare workers, leading field organizing efforts, championing abortion rights, and speaking out against social injustices. Rodgers has worked with Senator Jennifer McClellan and is well-prepared to bring her strong voice, intellect, and determination to the Virginia Senate. We at the magazine have been following her career since the beginning and we believe she is ready for the next step — so we encourage people to cast their ballots for her tomorrow!

The following is from her campaign:

Rodgers is a civic leader, LGBTQ activist, and progressive champion who has been advocating for workers’ rights, voting rights, college affordability, and quality healthcare in Virginia for the last decade. She has led the passage of domestic worker protections, expanded access to birth control and abortion, and organized students to pass survivor-centered campus sexual violence laws. Rodgers is currently the National Organizing Director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance and Care in Action, building political power for care workers and women of color. She is also the Chair of the 4th Congressional District Democratic Committee and an empathetic leader for Central Virginians. Learn more about her vision for Virginia at alexsisrodgers.com.

According to Rodgers, the rights and existence of many Virginians are threatened due to divisive rhetoric and violent policies introduced by the governor and Republicans in the General Assembly. Rodgers believes in creating open, safe, and welcoming communities for all, rather than attacking gay and trans students and whitewashing history. She supports the right to abortion and fully funding schools. Rodgers also advocates for family-friendly policies like paid sick leave and continuing progress on clean energy and climate goals.

Rodgers states, “I am proud to announce my candidacy for State Senate and continue the legacy of Senator Jennifer McClellan. I’ve spent my entire career fighting alongside workers and families throughout Virginia for quality health care, workers’ rights, economic security, better educational opportunities and a healthier environment. Now, I’m ready to be a legislative champion for this district as a member of the General Assembly.” Rodgers believes that elected officials must show up and put in the work to represent the shared values of their community. As state senator, she plans to use the power of her office and skills as an organizer to improve the quality of life for her constituents.


To learn about the upcoming election, call 804-482-1059 (English & Español).

The State Senate seat previously held by Jennifer McClellan is now open and a special election has been called to fill it. Democrats will need to nominate a candidate for the special election, and Alexsis Rodgers is seeking the Democratic nomination.

The election will take place on Sunday, February 26 from 9 am – 6 pm at several locations.

Ashland Municipal Building – 121 Thompson St, Ashland, VA 23005
Charles City County Administration Building – 10900 Courthouse Rd, Charles City, VA 23030
East Henrico Government Center – 3820 Nine Mile Rd, Richmond, VA 23223
Virginia Union University Living and Learning Center – 1500 N Lombardy St, Richmond, VA 23220

If you live in Senate District 9 and Jenn McClellan is your senator, you are eligible to vote.

How to support Alexsis!

If you like Alexsis Rodgers, we need you to volunteer, donate and vote! It’s that simple.
Volunteer – Help us Get Out the Vote by signing up for a shift on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Sign up for a shift TODAY!
Donate – Running an election in a short timeframe takes significant resources. Chip in $5 or $25 to help Alexsis continue Jennifer McClellan’s legacy!
Make a plan to vote – If you live in Senate District 9 and Jenn McClellan is your senator, then we need you to vote on Sunday.

Follow Alexsis on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates!

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