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From day one (April 2005) we set out to lend voice to a subdued creative class of Richmond. RVA has succeeded in creating a brand that searches out the best artists, ideas, events, bands, photographers and culture-jammers Richmond has to offer and gives them a platform for exhibition that "gets" them.

Access to talented and creative people is to modern business what access to coal and iron ore was to steelmaking. --Richard Florida, economist and author

In a city best known for it's role in the Civil War (insert eye-rolling here,) the battle to be bigger than our past has been formidable. For generations, city leaders have banked on the faded silver of dubious honors - Capital of the Confederacy etc, and ignored the 21st (and 20th) centuries.

With world-class schools such as VCU growing organically on their own record of excellence, media giants like the Martin Agency cementing their footprint in our cobblestones, and Fortune 100 companies relocating to attract the hordes of creatives emerging here, Richmond is exploding. New construction and development is rampant in heretofore decaying downtown retail and nightlife centers.

City government has aligned itself to a more liberal, open-minded culture of inclusion and exploration. Much like Brooklyn in the late nineties and Silverlake/Echo Park in the early aughties, entire neighborhoods are being overhauled to keep up with the influx of wealthy young professionals with entertainment and fashion needs. Lofts, marinas, from-scratch entertainment districts, clubs, music venues and galleries have been sprouting like weeds, offering the promise of a sustainable population more likely to relocate to New York or Los Angeles in years past. Cultural optimism is at a high and only growing more intense.


RVA #20

Spring 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, the year is 2015, and here at RVA Magazine we are ecstatic to be celebrating our first decade of publication! Our Spring 2015 issue kicks off our Ten Year Anniversary with the first of several different looks back over our publishing history, which will be featured in each of the issues we release this year. This time around, we're showcasing some of the musicians that have made the RVA music scene what it was over the past decade; from Avail to Lamb Of God, we've got some great full-color poster-size images to remind you why Richmond just might be the best city for music in the entire world!

We've also got plenty of the forward-looking coverage of this city's arts, music, and culture that you've come to know and love over the past decade! We'll give you a behind-the-scenes look at prolific local hip hop collective Gritty City Records, as well as some insight into up-and-coming indie rockers Positive No. We've also got an interview with local tattoo artist Amy Black, whose artistic talent and charity work with breast cancer survivors combine to make her one of the most sought-after tattooists on the East Coast.

Plus we'll be catching up with music/video production collective Good Day RVA and visual artist Earl Mack, along with plenty more of the arts, music, fashion, and cultural observation you've been getting from RVA Magazine for the past decade!


RVA #19

Winter 2014

2014 is drawing to a close, and here at RVA Magazine, we're looking forward to 2015, when we'll celebrate our tenth anniversary! However, before we get there, we've got one more issue to lay on this city, and it'll be filled with all the great art, music, and culture you've come to expect from RVA Mag over the past decade.

For starters, we'll be taking an in-depth look at the history and future of the Richmond Comedy Coalition, who have taken things to the next level over the past year with the opening of their very own Coalition Theater. On the musical side of things, we're digging into exactly what's going on with Jellowstone Records, a new label founded by Reggie Pace (No BS! Brass/Bon Iver) and Devonne Harris (Butcher Brown/DJ Harrison) that's uniting the worlds of jazz, funk, hip hop, soul, and more under their RVA-centric banner. Plus, we'll get the latest from Those Manic Seas, the energetic alt-rockers with the television-headed mannequin singer.

We haven't even mentioned all the great art that you'll find in the upcoming issue of RVA Mag--so let's get to that now! Local artist Jacob Eveland has grabbed some attention lately with his artistic prints and his visually arresting murals--we talk to him to get the scoop on what makes him tick. We also present an interview with David Flores, the California muralist who contributed giant Snoopy and Woodstock figures to 2014's edition of the Richmond Mural Project. On top of all this, you can expect the latest news in the world of local fashion, craft beer, and all sorts of additional esoteric knowledge you'll only obtain from between the covers of RVA Magazine's Winter 2014 issue--don't miss it!


RVA #18

Fall 2014

Here in RVA, when the leaves begin to change color, thoughts begin to turn towards the two classic flavors of October: beer and Halloween! RVA Magazine #18, our Fall 2014 issue, celebrates both of these phenomena in fine fashion, as well as providing our usual unparalleled coverage of all the art, music, fashion, and culture this city has to offer! For starters, we bring you an expanded version of our RVA On Tap section, featuring interviews with Strangeways, Hardywood Park, and Wild Wolf breweries, along with a local's eye view of everything happening in the local craft beer scene. And for Halloween, a truly special treat--we catch up with new GWAR vocalist Vulvatron, who fills us in on all of the Halloween traditions celebrated on her home planet of Scumdogia!

And don't worry, all the locally-focused artistic and musical coverage you look for in every issue of RVA Magazine is waiting for you just like always. We're bringing you interviews with Richmond Mural Project artist Meggs, as well as a spotlight on new work from local photographer Mr. Fili. Where music is concerned, we've profiled up-and-coming RVA bands Lightfields and Sleepwalkers. Plus, we'll wrap up the whole issue with the results of our latest Readers Poll, letting you know what the RVA Magazine readership thinks about local food, beverages, fashions, and businesses!


RVA #17

Summer 2014

RVA Magazine is back to help you beat the heat this summer! This issue features in-depth coverage of this year's Richmond Mural Project, in words and pictures. That’s not all you’ll find within, though. This issue will give you the lowdown on Avers, the hot new RVA indie supergroup featuring members of The Head And The Heart! We’ll also tell you about local noise rockers Hoax Hunters and speedy hardcore/metal crossover sensations Iron Reagan. We talk to Canadian party-disco kingpins Chromeo, who are riding high on the success of their latest album. And one of our writers finds herself in a backstage hot tub with the members of Nashville garage-rock sensations Natural Child. All this and more, including plenty of art, music, and fashion coverage you won’t find anywhere else, is waiting for you in the summer issue of RVA Magazine!


RVA #16

Spring 2014

Hey everyone, spring is here and the brand new issue of RVA Magazine is winging its way to you! We're focusing on a number of topics this issue, with extensive coverage devoted to local and national music. We scored a couple of great interviews with the Pixies and The Arctic Monkeys when they played The National a few months back, and we're bringing those to you! We've also been digging deep into the local scene, as always, and you can look forward to learning about those shoegaze-y guitar slingers The Snowy Owls and the bedroom electronic project turned full-on rock band, Way Shape Or Form. Plus, we meet some new faces on the RVA scene--experimental indie-jazz quartet Dumb Waiter, and noisy bass-drum rock duo New Turks.

But that's not all we have for you this time around. We've also got an interview with Lloyd Kaufman, celebrated low-budget horror director and founder of Troma Pictures, who recently participated in the RVA independent sci-fi/horror film, Science Team. Plus, we spoke to Kathleen Hanna, frontwoman for The Julie Ruin/Bikini Kill/Le Tigre, pioneer of the 90s Riot Grrrl movement, and subject of recent documentary The Punk Singer, about her fascinating career.

All of this, plus an in-depth look at the local performers coming together to bring you the 2014 Richmond Dance Festival, which is sure to be the event of the year in Richmond's alternative dance scene.

It's a fiesta of amazing sights and sounds, and it comes to you just in time for spring. So catch the fever, get outside in the sun, and grab yourself a copy of the new issue of RVA Magazine!


RVA #15

Winter 2013

As the Stark family from Game Of Thrones will tell you, winter is coming. And what better way is there to celebrate the coming of colder temperatures than with a nice tall glass of craft beer? Answer: an issue of RVA Magazine dedicated to the wonders of regional craft beer in Richmond and beyond! It's true--we've put our heads together and come up with our best special issue yet. From an article documenting the history of brewing and consuming beer in the river city to a rundown of all the best local craft breweries, we're digging deep to bring you the unique local culture surrounding everyone's favorite amber liquid! We'll also be featuring a talk with charitable graphic design organization Screens n' Suds, and a fashion spread mixing the best local beers with Richmond's most epic beards. Oh yes, we're 100% serious.

But if beer's not your bag, no worries! We've also got a double dose of the unique art, music, and cultural content you turn to RVA Magazine for year after year. From a look at the work of graphic novelist and illustrator Bizhan Khodabandeh to the paintings of Toobz Muir, we're dipping into every facet of the central Virginia art scene. And our interviews with RVA hardcore veterans Down To Nothing, hip hop artist Swordplay, and up-and-coming alt-country/blues-rockers The Southern Belles show that our musical coverage continues to be second to none. And of course, there's lots more waiting for you inside this issue as well!

RVA Magazine continues to strive to bring this amazingly creative city the kind of in-depth journalistic coverage it deserves; from music and art to fashion and film, Richmond is a city whose constant hum of activity belies its relatively modest size. The rich culture and history of craft brewing is just one of many great aspects about living here in RVA, and our new issue will serve as a powerful reminder of what a great city Richmond truly is.


RVA #14

Fall 2013

Just in time for the best September ever, the Fall 2013 issue of RVA Magazine is here! The Richmond Mural Project took over this whole city this summer, and we've got full coverage of the whole affair. Featuring exclusive interviews with muralists from all over the world and high-quality, full color photographs of the many murals that popped up around town during a whirlwind four-week period this summer, our special section on the Richmond Mural Project is the last word where documentation of the momentous local event is concerned. Make sure you grab a copy for yourself!

And don't worry, we've got plenty more in store for you in the new issue as well. We've got an update on life in the bigtime from the Richmond natives in The Head And The Heart, an extended conversation with Virginia grindcore kings Pig Destroyer, and profiles of up-and-coming RVA bands Wolf//Goat and Navi. Where local art is concerned, we've got you covered--Brandi Strickland brings us collage artistry from Floyd County, while Christian Hewett shows us his unique worldview through the lens of his camera. Plus, we catch up with pop-punk troubadours Pedals On Our Pirate Ships, bring you a lovely fashion spread from RVA photographer Matt Licari, and tons more about the happenings on the arts, music, and culture scene in and around our wonderful city! It's all here in the new issue of RVA Magazine, so be sure to check it out!


RVA #13

Summer 2013

Yes, it's here! Our fashion issue has hit the streets. The fashion community is on the rise here in RVA, and we're here to help you get in on the ground floor! With a lengthy pictorial section displaying the work of Richmond's many excellent fashion photographers, we've given you plenty of amazing imagery (and gorgeous boys and girls) to look at. We've also got in-depth interviews with Ledbury and Shockoe Denim, plus profiles of some of RVA's leading jewelry designers, and the up-and-coming writers that are part of the RVA Fashion Bloggers network. With 18 pages devoted to the burgeoning RVA fashion community, we cover the scene from every angle.

But that's not all this issue has in store for you--oh, far from it! Glass sculptor Kristi Totoritis gives an inside look at her experience of an often-neglected section of the art world, while the pop culture-damaged paintings of Dave McDowell offer an entirely new perspective on famous figures like Richard Pryor and Willy Wonka. As usual, our coverage of local music is second to none--talks with hard-working rapper So !lla and garage-rockers The Young Sinclairs are joined by a new column updating you on new releases local artists will be putting out in the coming months. Plus, we talked to multiple nationally-known artists who've made RVA a stop on their itineraries, including veteran soul singer Charles Bradley and death metal Egyptologists Nile.

All this plus much more is in store for you in the latest issue of RVA Magazine, so make sure you grab yourself a copy!


RVA #12

Spring 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, it's finally here--the Spring 2013 issue of RVA Magazine is out today! This issue will reveal the long-awaited results of our End Of The World Readers Poll, in which YOU voted to determine your favorite local bands, artists, bars, pizza places, and much more. Hunt down a copy and find out whether the RVA massive validated your own personal opinions. Rejoice at the results you agree with or complain about the ones you hate, but once you're done debating with your friends over the relative merits of the results, remember that there's plenty more to still read in your brand new copy of RVA #12.

As usual, we've got everything you need to know about the latest goings-on in the world of RVA arts, music, and culture crammed between our glossy covers. From profiles of melodic punk band Sundials and the wild, raw, and primitive sounds of garage rockers Nervous Ticks to conversations with blazing metal torchbearers Humungus and experimental indie-punks Heavy Midgets, we're spanning the considerable breadth of Richmond's underground music scene in this issue. Add our interviews with illustrator Chris Visions, tattoo artist Charles Berger, and the folks behind DIY printmaking facility Studio Two Three to the equation, and you'll find insight into many different corners of the local art world.

But wait, there's more! We've also got an in-depth look into the recent experiences of Richmond native and former American Idol contestant Elliott Yamin--find out what's been happening with him since he finished third on Idol back in 2006, and what he's up to now. You'll also learn about documentary director Bryce Wagoner, and his 2010 film looking into the current lives of former adult film stars. Plus we speak with fashion photographer Marcus Hyde about his diligent pursuit of his career goals, and how that's paid off for him in recent months. You'll find all of this and more in the brand new issue of RVA Magazine, so pick one up today!


RVA #11

Winter 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, just in time for Christmas, RVA Magazine brings our latest gift to you! RVA #11, our Winter 2012 issue, is out today, and it's crammed full of artistic goodness for you to enjoy by the fire during this holiday season. We say this every time, but once again, we feel like this just might be our best issue yet. Featuring RVA's rising superstar of indie-soul, Matthew E. White, recently arrived piano-pounding rocker J. Roddy Walston, and reunited legendary pop-punkers Fun Size, the issue has you covered on all the most important goings-on in the local music scene. And that's not all! We also take an in-depth look into the local art scene through our interview with photo/video artist Josiah Marroquin (whose work with Richard Perkins and John Vitale on the short film Magick Margaritasville provides the source for the cover of this issue) as well as a roundtable discussion between RVA-based artists Sara Gossett, Eliza Childress, and Mary Silcox. Plus, we take a look at the unusual fashion-oriented work of Angela Bacskocky, whose recent Nest collection straddles the line between commercial fashion and high art. But wait, there's more! From English metal veterans Napalm Death to Roanoke shoegazers Eternal Summers and hardcore troublemakers Unholy Thoughts, we've got tons of other things for you to read about over your holiday week. So when you head back to your parents house to swap gifts and deal with your more awkward relatives over Christmas dinner, bring along a copy of the latest issue of RVA Magazine, and keep yourself entertained while everyone else is watching It's A Wonderful Life for the 158th time.