Art Meets Age and Grace: Circle Center Unveils Stunning New Mural by Nico Cathcart


We are late on this one but back in December, Circle Center Adult Day Services unveiled a one-of-a-kind mural that celebrated the beauty and grace of aging. Designed by talented RVA-based artist Nico Cathcart, the massive 75’x18′ mural is a great way to bring a spotlight on aging and how our society tends to forget the generation that raised us.

nico Cathcart
Artist Nico Cathcart, photo by Caroline Shelnut

The “Age and Grace” mural features four of Circle Center’s participants, each of whom was captured in stunning detail by Nico and local artist and photographer Caroline Shelnut. “I was inspired by Circle Center’s dedication to treating everyone with dignity and respect,” says Nico. “I wanted to capture the essence of these individuals and showcase their beauty through art.”

Renaissance photo project by Caroline Shelnut Renaissance photo project by Caroline Shelnut Renaissance photo project by Caroline Shelnut
Photos for The Renaissance Photo Project by Caroline Shelnut

Caroline Shelnut, Creative Arts Coordinator for Hermitage Richmond, has taken over 30 Renaissance-inspired photographs of the residents with whom she works. “What I love about Renaissance art is that it features people of all ages,” says Caroline. She went on to say, “Whenever I photograph older adults, I want them to see themselves the way that I see them, as wonderful, valuable and beautiful human beings.” 

Circle Center is a nonprofit organization that has been serving the Richmond community for over 46 years. They provide a compassionate and enriching environment for older adults and their caregivers, helping individuals live at home longer while providing peace of mind and support. This new mural is a testament to their commitment to improving the lives of those they serve.

“We’re thrilled to be unveiling this beautiful work of art and to be able to share it with our supporters,” says Heather Turbyne-Pollard, Circle Center’s CEO. “It’s simply breathtaking in its size and in how well Nico captured the personalities of our participants.”

Don’t miss out on the chance to see the “Age and Grace” mural in person. Visit Circle Center’s Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

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