No RVA Muralists In Richmond Mural Project This Year, But Organizers Aim For Local Involvement Next Year


It’s that time of year again, The Richmond Mural Project 2014 is about to bring some of the greatest mural talent in the world (universe?) here to RVA and let these modern masters do what they do.

It’s that time of year again, The Richmond Mural Project 2014 is about to bring some of the greatest mural talent in the world (universe?) here to RVA and let these modern masters do what they do.

But the annual project, which has brought Richmond acclaim nation wide, has existed with a flaw some people have taken issue with. There’s no Richmond muralist in the Richmond Mural Project (RMP).

Shane Pomajambo, the organizer of RMP and head-honcho at the DC based art collective Art Whino, spoke with us about this concern and was excited to say the issue is being resolved.

“We’re in Richmond, and we want to give back to Richmond – so if we’re able to showcase an artists in Richmond I’m down,” said Pomajambo. He’s one of the key players in selecting the talent who come to add to the artistic nature of our city.

After the success of last year’s RMP, he said the process of asking an artist to get involved is much easier. “The minute my mouth says ‘Richmond Mural Project,’ people get excited… it’s been amazing to finally see the project grow some legs.”

The feedback has been so positive, Pomajambo said he’s got a waiting list of 168 international artists – 16 years worth of muralists – hoping to take part in the future.

But the thorn in the project’s side remains. This year will feature no RVA muralists, and folks from the local arts community have not been afraid to voice their concerns.

Local muralist Mickael Broth has taken to Facebook on multiple occasions to let his disdain for the project be known.

This wasn’t the first shot fired from Broth, who has been a vocal advocate for integrating RVA muralists into the RMP.

In January of this year, he laid clear his concerns as early announcements of the 2014 RMP went public.

But the struggle between RMP and local muralists might have come to a head – Pomajambo met with Broth yesterday and the conversation seems to have smoothed out many of the edges.

Again, Broth took to Facebook, but this time to clarify his new position.

“It’s a work in progress and its defiantly on my mind,” said Pomajambo. “I see (future RVA muralists involvement) as expanding the project.”

For now, the crossing of the two entities – local muralists and international muralists – seems like it could be part of future RMPs. It’s exciting to see some sort of peace made. Pomajambo admits it wont be easy, but the partnership could foster even more artistic growth in RVA.

“How can I keep the mission, but respond to what you are saying?” said Pomajambo of the complaints he received. “And I think the solution is showcasing 1 Richmond artist a year… and maybe people will move to Richmond who are muralists.”

For more details on this year’s RMP, including mural locations and a list of participating artists, click here.

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