RMP 2015: Japan’s MOYA fuses traditional Japanese style and street art to create a mural for RVA

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The Richmond Mural Project 2015 has begun and we’re here to help you learn more about the artist who will be adding to RVA’s already world-class collection of murals.

The Richmond Mural Project 2015 has begun and we’re here to help you learn more about the artist who will be adding to RVA’s already world-class collection of murals. Below is a profile of one of the RMP 2015 artists. Keep an eye out for the rest in the coming weeks, and make sure you come out for the RMP 2015 opening party July 18th 4-8pm at Sabai – 2727 West Broad st.

See a mural you like? put it on Instagram and tag us in it – then use the hashtag #RMP2015 and the person with the most murals tagged at the end of the festival will win an original piece of art by RMP Artists.


Muralist: MOYA
Location: 1 E. Cary Street

This article ran in RVA 21 Summer 2015, to check out the entire mag – CLICK HERE

Flown in from Japan to work on a tattoo inspired mural for the Art of Japanese Tattoo show at the VMFA, MOYA did an absolutely stunning piece on the ND&P building at the corner of Cary and Foushee downtown. He has officially been included in the Richmond Mural Project, and we hope to bring him back to town to do more. In the meantime, we had a chance to get a few questions in, and realized he is huge basketball fan that tricks out sneakers in his spare time. Oh, and we also quickly realized he doesn’t speak a lick of English! So here is our interview in both languages, for all of our fans in Japan.

Q1. EN) Where are you from in Japan?
Okayama Prefecture.
Q1. JP) 日本のどこ出身


Q2. EN) When did you start working as a professional tattoo artist, illustrator and designer?
I’ve been making art stuff many years ago, then I started my career about 6 years ago in earnest.
Q2. JP) タトゥーアーティスト、イラストレーター、デザイナーとしてのキャリアをスタートさせたのはいつですか?


Q3. EN) What is inspiring your work right now?
Expression of Black-and-White painting in Chinese ink, traditional Japanese patterns and Polynesian tattoos.
Q3. JP) 現在、あなたの作品に影響を与えているものがあったら教えてください


Q4. EN) What artists are you following right now?
Tristan Eaton, Atsuo Nakagawa, Kyotaro Aoki, GAKKIN
Q4. JP) 今

Tristan Eaton, Atsuo Nakagawa, Kyotaro Aoki, GAKKIN

Q5. EN) Have you been to the States before?
I visited NY last June.
Q5. JP) 以前アメリカに来たことはありましたか?

Q6. EN) How was your visit to Richmond, VA?
I actually didn’t have much time for sightseeing, since I was working on painting on the wall most of the time in Richmond. But there are a bunch of murals on the street and I like the atmosphere in the town! I love the people in Richmond because they are so kind.
Q6. JP) リッチモンドを訪れてみて、都市の印象・感想などを教えて下さい

Q7. EN) What was it like to get a call to come do a mural here? Did you have any idea before that call that you might be coming?
Since I’ve seen a bunch of murals in NY last year, I’ve been really wanted to come to the US and paint for murals. I was really excited about this opportunity!
Q7. JP) 今回の壁画プロジェクトで、アメリカに来て壁画を描いて欲しいという話を聞いた時、どう思いましたか? アメリカに来て壁画を描きたいという希望は以前からありましたか?

Q8. EN) I saw that you were part of a basketball squad in Japan. How big of a basketball fan are you?
I’ve been playing basketball for 20 years, I’m in a local team in Kyoto right now. I’ve been a big fan of the San Antonio Spurs since David Robinson was playing for the Spurs.
Q8. JP) あなたはバスケットボールチームに所属しているとのことですが、どのくらいのバスケファンなのか教えてください

Q9. EN) Kobe, Jordan or Lebron?
Jordan is a perfect player, but I prefer Kobe!
Q9. JP) Kobe、Jordan、Lebronの3人のバスケ選手の中から好きな選手を選ぶとしたら誰?

Q10. EN) Are you watching the NBA Finals in Japan?
Of course. I’m not a fan of Lebron, so I’m cheering for Golden State.
Q10. JP) 日本で、NBAファイナルを見ていますか?

Q11. EN) Love the pimped out pairs of Converse and Vans you have posted on Instagram. Is that something you do for fun or on commissions? I need a pair immediately.
Thanks! I started making pimped sneakers for fun at the first time. I’ve been making them for commissions recently.
Q11. JP) InstagramにUPしていた, コンバースとVANSのカスタマイズスニーカー、すごいカッコイイね!あれは自分の趣味用に作ったもの?それとも何かの仕事で作ったのかな? とにかくあのシューズが今すぐ欲しい! (笑)

Amy David

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