RMP 2015: Jason Woodside layers RVA walls with bright abstractions of circles and lines

by | Jul 16, 2015 | ART

The Richmond Mural Project 2015 has begun and we’re here to help you learn more about the artist who will be adding to R

The Richmond Mural Project 2015 has begun and we’re here to help you learn more about the artist who will be adding to RVA’s already world-class collection of murals. Below is a profile of one of the RMP 2015 artists. Keep an eye out for the rest in the coming weeks, and make sure you come out for the RMP 2015 opening party July 18th 4-8pm at Sabai – 2727 West Broad st.

See a mural you like? put it on Instagram and tag us in it – then use the hashtag #RMP2015 and the person with the most murals tagged at the end of the festival will win an original piece of art by RMP Artists.


Painting: July 9th-14th
location: 646 N 7th St

Is it because he was born in Miami he has sunshine state of mind or because he’s now a creative New York City based artist, that makes Jason Woodside known as such an optimistic and happy-go-lucky person?

According to ISAORA, Woodswide moved to NYC to pursue his education at the School of Visual Arts in NYC to make movies because “cinematography and storytelling has always been an interest.”

About two years later, he dropped out and moved to LA where he was living in his car for a while. Since then, he’s been back in NYC where he’s moved around from Chinatown, Williamsburg, and the East Village. He’s currently a co-owner of Happy Bones, a coffee shop based in Brooklyn.

His work is consumed by patterns of circles and stripes with bright color blocks because he strives to pass on great energies through his style.

“My brand if I had to sum it up in a few words, in one word, maybe optimistic. I enjoy making people feel good. I like inspiring a younger culture, to put things in front of them that’s inspiring and to make sure that they know that they can make a living out of painting.”

Woodside had an interview with Russh Magazine and spilled some beans on what the creative process in his work originates. He starts when something positive triggers in his mind whether it’s “a song [or] a passing encounter with someone or seeing something in nature that stokes [him] out.”

He believes his art speaks “nothing hugely specific or figurative, but more an energy brought about by something vibrant or stimulating” and this his outcomes are aimed at touching “on the nostalgia through contrasted color combinations.”

Carola Rojas

Carola Rojas

Carola Rojas is a Bolivian citizen and graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University. She's an aspiring creative strategist and advocate for diversity inclusion. She can find inspiration wherever she goes and is fond of living life on the edge.

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