Ian Graham

RVA Magazine editor, writer, and photographer Ian Graham died Sunday at Duke University Hospital from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident that occurred last week. Graham was 32-years-old. He was admitted to the hospital late Wednesday with severe spinal cord damage following the incident. Graham had been with the alt-magazine since its founding in 2005 and helped to kick off a revolution of local and independent media. Among his notable contributions (in addition to this interview with GWAR frontman Dave Brockie) was his arrest while photographing Occupy protestors at Kanawa Plaza in late 2011. Here’s a short clip of Graham’s arrest at the Occupy event, along with his statement the following day, excerpted from the documentary All Day, All Night.

stories by Ian Graham

Photographer Spotlight: Scott Elmquist

Photographer Spotlight: Scott Elmquist

Scott rolls into Ellwood Thompson’s wearing jeans and a white shirt, tucked in, and smiles promptly. He stands around six foot, with short hair and a good stance, a hand on his hip as he extends the other, his grasp firm but not intimidating. As photographers for...

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