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Starting tonight, the James River Film Festival, presented by the volunteers that make up the James River Film Society, marks its 30th anniversary, showcasing an exceptional selection of films that resonate with the heart and soul of cinema enthusiasts. Since its inception in 1994, this festival has been a cornerstone of Richmond’s cultural scene, offering a platform for “eclectic celluloid” expressions and fostering a local community for the art of filmmaking.

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Detailed Festival Lineup & Showtimes:

Thursday, April 11

  • 8:00 PM at Studio 23: The festival opens with the much-anticipated Filmmakers Forum Redux. Curated by Jeff Roll, this event features a dynamic interaction with local filmmakers, including, RVA Magazine contributor, Todd Raviotta and Ariel Unser. The evening is complemented by a musical performance from the talented Eli(zabeth). This event is a celebration of local cinematic talent, where discussions will delve into the intricacies of filmmaking. Donations are welcomed.

Friday, April 12

  • 12:30 PM at Richmond Public Library Main Branch: Experience the magic of Stormy Weather (1943), a film that not only entertains but also provides a historical glimpse into the African-American cultural landscape of its time. This screening is a tribute to Jackson Ward’s own Bill Robinson, showcasing his remarkable talent in what would be his last movie appearance. Admission is free, offering an accessible cinematic experience to all.
  • 2:30 PM at Richmond Public Library Main Branch: Morocco (1930) is a cinematic gem that transports viewers to an evocative landscape of love and sacrifice. Directed by Josef von Sternberg and starring Marlene Dietrich and Gary Cooper, this film is a classic narrative of love transcending societal boundaries. Admission is free, inviting all to explore this beautifully rendered story.
  • 7:30 PM at Grace St. Theater, VCU: Garry Winogrand: All Things are Photographable is a compelling documentary that explores the life and art of the iconic photographer Garry Winogrand. Directed by Sasha Waters, this film delves into Winogrand’s profound impact on photography. Admission is free, offering a deep dive into the world of visual storytelling.
  • 9:30 PM at Grace St. Theater, VCU: Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King is a documentary that chronicles the unconventional journey of the punk band Half Japanese. Directed by Jeff Feuerzeig, this film captures the essence of artistic dedication and defiance. Admission is $8, offering a unique look at the intersection of music and cinema.

Sunday, April 14

  • 12:30 PM at VMFA Reynolds Hall: Her Truth: 3 Short Films by Yossera Bouchtia presents a trio of films that navigate the complexities of cultural identity and personal struggle. These films offer a poignant exploration of Eastern and Western dichotomies through cinematic storytelling. Tickets are $8, with a discounted rate for VMFA members.
  • 3:00 PM at VMFA Reynolds Hall: Vampyr (1932) is paired with a live soundtrack by RVA’s Cast Shadows and Sbowe, creating an immersive cinematic experience. This film is a classic horror tale that continues to haunt and fascinate audiences. Admission is $8, with a special rate for VMFA members.
  • 8:00 PM at Studio 23: The Silent Music Revival event is a unique blend of silent film and live music, featuring Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush with a live score by Cassidy Snider & The Wranglers. This event celebrates the timeless charm of silent cinema and live artistic collaboration. Donations are encouraged.
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Saturday, April 20

  • 11:30 AM at Byrd Theatre: Explore African cultures through Hisham Mayet’s The Divine River and Oulaya’s Wedding, documentaries that provide a vivid glimpse into the rituals, music, and landscapes of Mali and Niger. These films are a visual and auditory feast, with an admission of $8.
  • 2:00 PM at Byrd Theatre: Wild Creation: Mardi Gras Women offers an intimate look at Mardi Gras through the eyes of three women, showcasing the vibrant and evolving traditions of this iconic celebration. Directed by Michele Poulos, this documentary is a colorful and insightful journey into creativity and cultural expression, with an $8 admission.
  • 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM at Byrd Theatre: BAVAFEST celebrates the work of Mario Bava with screenings of Black Sunday and Kill, Baby, Kill, paying homage to the master of Italian Gothic horror. These screenings provide a deep dive into Bava’s influential style and thematic preoccupations, with each film ticketed at $8.
  • 9:30 PM at Byrd Theatre: The RVA Music Archives event is a vibrant showcase of Richmond’s musical landscape, featuring a compilation of music videos that highlight the city’s diverse artistic talents. Admission is $8, celebrating Richmond’s rich musical heritage.

Celebrating Film and Community

This year’s James River Film Festival not only showcases a diverse array of films but also celebrates the vibrant community that has supported and grown with the festival over the past three decades. Each screening, discussion, and musical performance is an invitation to explore the depth and breadth of cinematic art, reinforcing the festival’s role as a beacon of cultural enrichment in Richmond.

For more information on the screenings, ticketing, and venues, please visit James River Film Festival’s website.

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