FALL 2017

by | Nov 9, 2017

RVA Magazine #30 drops today, and it is packed with our most compelling content and photos to date. It’s an overloaded issue that explores & analyzes the styles, sounds, and issues at the heart of Richmond and its surrounding area.

Brought to you as always from journalists & writers entrenched in the scene, our coverage continues RVA Magazine’s history of incisive and pulsating coverage. For those wanting an accurate depiction of the cultural landscape at the center of Virginia, look no further than RVA #30 and the style guide it will definitely provide.

The recent Summer Of Hate will be a focus of RVA #30, with plenty of first-hand accounts and photos from the events of the last few months in Charlottesville as well as judicious and affirming analysis from our political pundits. We examine the rise of hip-hop auteur McKinley Dixon to the top of Richmond’s local scene, bring you the story of long-running radio program Studio B from the local legend himself Jay Smack, and the eerie sound of hardcore band Prisoner.

On the arts side, we look at the vitalizing work of local street artist Nils Westergard and peer behind the lens with a profile on Yemeni mixed media artist Asiya al-Sharabi. 

In this installment of GOOD EATS RVA, we catch up with Nate Mathews of Nate Bagel’s, the man behind Capitol Waffle Shop downtown, and an in-depth look at Kabana Rooftop Executive Chef Mike Ledesma’s career.

In addition to these stories and profiles, the next issue contains our prominent and expanded coverage of craft beer, studio news, and music reviews as well as our emerging photography series showcasing the work of talented local artists and our continued coverage of the burgeoning local fashion scene and its trends.

Keep an eye out for the new issue as our friends at Quickness RVA continue their distro-deal with us as well, further pushing RVA Mag into a modern, green future.

Photo Credit: Jason Lappa

RVA Staff

RVA Staff

Since 2005, the dedicated team at RVA Magazine, known as RVA Staff, has been delivering the cultural news that matters in Richmond, VA. This talented group of professionals is committed to keeping you informed about the events and happenings in the city.

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