804 Day, Shakey Graves & REIN: This Week’s Sound Check


There are lots of celebrations in the Richmond music world coming up, and what could be a more fitting way for musicians to commemorate milestones and successes then by having a day filled with music. If you’re overwhelmed by all the exciting things happening around town, then look no further because I will be giving you the full run down on all the musical events in town such as this 804 Day this Friday in Shockoe Bottom, and RVA Rapper’s Delight celebrating 50 years of hip hop next week in Jackson Ward. Beyond the featuring of our hot local artists, there are some truly great acts stopping while on tour to grace the Summer air with their sounds, and of course there are new releases by Richmond based musicians that need some attention.

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804 DAY

If you are out and about on the scene, then you probably know just about everyone who’s going to be playing on 804 Day. Taking place in Shockoe Bottom August 4 (8/04, do you get it?) and organized by none other than Shockoe Records of In Your Ear Studios, 804 Day is a real who’s who of Richmond musicians. There will be three stages, a food and beer garden, nonprofits and craft vendors, and a DJ spinning from 4 to 9PM. There isn’t possibly enough space here to discuss every artist, so allow me to give you some highlights:

Ant The Symbol and Rikki Rakki are riding the high of their album releases and will certainly be bringing their A game. 

Ms. Jaylin Brown is off to Spain for her Graduate studies next month, so make sure to catch her before she’s gone 

Tyler Meacham is grinding away trying to get her poppy indie-rock as far and wide as she possibly can.

Los Malcriados is hot off their new single release, which is featured below, and bring a fresh funky latin take to the horn band formula that Richmond knows very well. 

If you’re a bit more old school, Dr. Weldon Hill is bringing his old school jazz piano tunes to the party while Pumphouse Blue Band are playing some, as you might have guessed, classic electric blues

Richmond hip hop legend Mad Skillz is going to lay down the beats at the party. If you love that rap sound then head out to the next Shockoe Records event RVA Rapper’s Delight on Friday August 11th.

Other acts include Rodney “The Soul Singer” Stith, Saint Samuel, Chance Fischer, Tin-Can Fish Band, Corey El & The FAM Band, Sun V Set, Merciful Zero, and Michael Millions. See the map and full schedule below so you can catch your favorite artist when they take the stage!

 4:00 PM – Sun V Set – @sun_v_set
 4:50 PM – Corey El + The Fam Band – @imcoeryel
 5:40 PM – Merciful Zero – @mercifulzero
 6:30 PM – Saint Samuel – @snt.samuel
 7:20 PM – Michael Millions – @michaelmillions
 8:10 PM – Rodney Stith – @rodneysoul

 4:00 PM – Elizabeth Wise – @elizabethwisemusic
️ 4:20 PM – Ant the Symbol – @antthesymbol
 5:30 PM – 804 Day Proclamation with the Mayor
 6:00 PM – Los Malcriados – @losxmalcriados
 7:20 PM – Pumphouse Blues – @pumphouseblues
 8:10 PM – Mad Skillz

 4:00 PM – Weldon Hill
 4:50 PM – Tin Can Fish Band
 5:40 PM – Chance Fischer – @mrchancefischer
 6:30 PM – Ms Jaylin Brown – @ms.jaylinbrown
 7:20 PM – Tyler Meacham – @tymeach
 8:10 PM – RIKKI RAKKI – @rikki_rakki_music


August 5th @ Maymont
Doors: 5:30

If you’re not hip, then let me give you the low down, because I started listening to Shakey Graves about seven years ago and have been obsessed ever since. The talented singer and guitar player has been going for over a decade now, and dons a one man persona as he plays often intense finger style guitar while accompanying himself on foot percussion that he styles to look like suitcases. Although he often records with a full band, his standout performances are his solo shows and his duets with other like minded artists, such as a recent feature on this column and guest to our city Sierra Ferrell. This horrible heat is predicted to abate over the coming week, so by all means if you’re free Saturday August 5th, then head on down to beautiful Maymont for a show from this absolutely magnetic personality. 

Shakey Graves – Roll the Bones – Audiotree Live



If you’ve seen Charlottesville/Richmond based band Kendall Street Company, then you have seen Jake Vanaman. If you want to learn more about the band, and Vanaman in particular, go and read our interview with them from a few months back, but Vanaman has been breaking into releasing his own music. This most recent endeavor is a short, sweet and simple little tune called “Pineapple Mind (Everything’s Fine)” that came out July 21st. At just under a minute and a half long, it is not a grand composition to be sure, but it features Vanaman’s stellar sax playing, and though it doesn’t hold onto you for very long, this cute track would sit well on any Summer playlist.


Jordan Reinecke has been around for a few years playing guitar around the scene – you could often find him backing up local solo artist CAS. The young singer/guitarist only started breaking out and playing solo under the name REIN in late 2021, and in no time he has released three very popular singles. His newest track “Evermore” was released on July 28th with a video by Tyler Scheerschmidt coming out August 4th. REIN’s guitar tone is absolutely impeccable, and without the veil of a persona like in previous tracks such as “Heartbeater” from last year, it really feels like a new era for the burgeoning artist.

Top photo courtesy of Shaker Graves Instagram HERE

Andrew Bonieskie

Andrew Bonieskie

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