Chromeo And Their Leggy Synths Freaked The Party Last Week At The National

by | May 20, 2014 | MUSIC

If you ever wanted to see a band that made you dance so hard you could barely walk the next day, Chromeo is for you. Last Tuesday night, they straight freaked The National with their undeniably danceable sound, adorable choreography, and killer light show.

If you ever wanted to see a band that made you dance so hard you could barely walk the next day, Chromeo is for you. Last Tuesday night, they straight freaked The National with their undeniably danceable sound, adorable choreography, and killer light show.

While the night as a whole ended on a high note, it started a bit sour due to the fact the opening act was sort of a mystery. There was nothing listed on our tickets or The National website and whoever the DJ was that came out did not do any sort of introduction. Through some detective work I came to the conclusion that the unidentified man was Oliver. However, the act was listed as a duo and I only saw one dude and a Mac Book Pro. Confused? So were we. His lackluster set didn’t help the impatient audience either. We wanted Chromeo, damn it!

Not even 5 minutes after Oliver’s exit, the crowd started chanting the legendary “Chro-me-oh, oh, oh.” Unfortunately, this was a bit premature as we waited almost an additional half hour for Chromeo to take the stage. But damn, take the stage they did! P-Thugg rocked his traditional streetwear alongside Dave 1 in his classic skinny jeans and leather jacket, as they dominated The National with their blend of pop, rock, and electronic sexiness; light-up leg synthesizers included.

The audience, a huge sweaty dance party, sang, clapped, and shook their asses the entire 75-minute set. While Chromeo played a handful of songs from their new album, White Women–released just the day before–the concert was a perfect mix of fan favorites. The ever-popular two-stepping “Fancy Footwork” and my personal anthem, “Needy Girl,” both made the cut. “Jealous,” the most popular single from White Women, ended their set. However, our “Chro-me-oh, oh, oh” chant returned, more properly timed than before, as did the band. Their encore included an extended version of “Don’t Turn The Lights On” and the funky “You’re So Gangsta.”

The duo made a point to say that this is only their second time in Richmond and that there were a lot more people in attendance this time around. Dave 1 even said, “We love you Richmond. I would even say we bonafied love you!” At that point the crowd went insane as Chromeo broke into their hit “Bonafied Loving.”

If you get a chance to catch Chromeo on this tour, do it! Their energetic show will have you a hot sweaty dancing mess in no time. Also, I would personally like to hold Dave 1 to his promise of returning to Richmond. Ya know what I’m saying?!? Call me up, Dave 1. This “sexy socialite” will make you come alive!

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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