Ghost Writing: Weekend Playlist By Past Palms

by | Jul 10, 2020 | MUSIC

Every Friday night, RVA Mag brings you an epic, glorious playlist curated by Virginia’s most influential artists, musicians, and institutions.

This week, we’ve got a selection of tracks presented by Past Palms, a homebrewed electronic/downtempo project that will quietly invade your brain with their ambient, moody beats. They’ve stayed prolific so far this year, following up the “Rainwater” single in February with an EP called Vernal in March, and now releasing a brand-new two-song EP entitled When The Sun Reaches Its Highest Point In The Sky. It’s out today, and you can grab yourself a digital copy in a variety of places around the internet.

To accompany the release of that EP, Past Palms has joined with RVA Mag to brighten up your weekend with a playlist full of mind-expanding sounds. Hip hop, electronica, ambient and experimental sounds, and more all come together on Past Palms’ weekend playlist to create the perfect soundtrack for staying up super-late and sleeping in past noon. It’s gonna be super hot this whole weekend, so why not stay in and relax with this one?

Get in the mood, Virginia.

Open this playlist from mobile in your Spotify app HERE.

Photo by Nuria Rius

RVA Staff

RVA Staff

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