Living Colour, The Fan & Monea’: Sound Check

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The energy is on the rise. As the January slump slowly fades behind us, and we pray for Punxsutawney Phill to see his shadow this Friday, the slow season seems to be at at end… I hope. Of course it is still too cold to venture outside for a show, that doesn’t mean that the indoor venues aren’t lighting up with acts of all kinds. On this week’s SOUND CHECK, Living Colour on tour stops at The National for what is sure to be an electric show of funky metal tunes, a showcase of local talent at two beloved venues, and there’s new music out from Monea’ and Lucid Evolution.

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out of town acts to see

Thursday February 1st @ The National
Doors: 6:30 pm

Straight out of the 80s comes Living Colour. Not be to confused with the television show of similar name, Living Colour are a hard rock act from New York City that haven’t found a reason to stop. Putting out tunes consistently since the late 80s, living color are a bit funky, a bit metal, a little avant-garde and all rock and roll. A group of old heads who have stuck together through and through to keep their vision alive, and keep it going simply for the creation of art and the love of the game. A one of kind class act, who know how long listeners will have to see them live as they enter their 40th year of making music together, so better catch now before it’s too late.

local & regional acts to see

Saturday, February 3rd @ The Broadberry
Doors: 7:00 pm

Well if there’s a show of local talent to see this weekend, this is it. Featuring some of Richmond’s most popular underground acts from the streaming sensation Destructo Disk who have garnered more than 150,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, as well as Ten Pound Snail, hot off their year long residency at The Camel. A night of heavy music, shoe gaze from Midnite Taxi, and some old school throwback from Dropheads. Truly a showcase of some of the best talent this city has to offer, you better be there or be triangle.

Ten Pound Snail RVA Mag Sound Check 2024

Sunday, February 4th @ Gallery 5
Doors: 7:00 pm

To cap off your weekend of excellent music, why not head on down to Jackson Ward’s Gallery 5 for a night of guitar driven tunes. Headlining the show is The Fan, a Richmond act named after the iconic neighborhood, with pop structure and catchy hooks and just a touch of southern flair, The Fan cranks out ear worm after ear worm on their 2023 EP Nostalgia, and I can only imagine that their live shows are very much the same. Also on the bill is pop act Ross Wright with his laid back dreamy tunes, and your local guitar hero REIN. If you like pop influenced music, then you couldn’t ask for a better night.

local & Regional Releases

“Lover” (single)

I don’t really know what to say about this track other than it has good vibes. A chilled out piano groove with spacey backing audio provides a bed for Monea’ to spill syrupy lines all over this tune for a tight three minutes of exactly what I wanted. Now entering her third year of releasing music for the public to hear, Monea’ hasn’t released a full album yet, so maybe this year could spell great things for the young artist.

“Water” (single)

What an epic piece of music. At over six minutes this huge song starts off small and spacey, but follows a path that is logical yet still remains surprising. With liquid guitar tones dialed in perfectly, and a singer wailing repetitive lines, “Water” by Lucid Evolution is hypnotic and powerful. With a psychedelic sound, guitar solos to rival the best of them, and a control over the ebb and flow of this colossal piece of music, it is a music listen for rock fans.

What I’ve been listening to

Hard (album)

The album title lives up to its name with repetitive riff based music that ranges from funky to hilarious all while hitting hard. Thumpasaurus’ music is firing on all cylinders from beginning to end with style, flair, personality and enough humor to almost make you forget how good the tunes themselves are. Mastering the art of the online presence, I discovered Thumpasaurus through short form video and haven’t been able to stop listening to them since. What originally strikes one as kitschy “comedy music,” that label could not be more diminutive as each tune is chock full of technical musicianship and personality. This being their third album, they have absolutely dialed in their style, but by all means check out their other two works as they are full of hilarious and catchy tracks that simply have to be heard to be believed.

My favorite tracks:

  • “Who Do I?”
  • “Alien Sex Tape”
  • “I’m Cute”

Top photo by Anthony Barboza (1980)

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Andrew Bonieskie

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