Titus Andronicus, Tim & Neko, Deore, & Palmyra: This Week’s RVAMAG SOUND CHECK


Richmond’s music scene is positively electrifying, with the city rapidly becoming a must-visit destination for a plethora of touring artists traversing the east coast. To help the city music aficionados navigate this vibrant landscape, we’re introducing a new column, SOUND CHECK, dedicated to unearthing the freshest sounds in and coming to town. In this week’s sonic spotlight, we’re highlighting the marquee acts rolling through Richmond, as well as a selection of local talents who are undeniably worth lending your ears to. Get ready to discover your new favorite artists and immerse yourself in the city’s pulsating musical heartbeat.

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Titus Andronicus – “An Anomaly” (Official Video)

This coming Monday, April 2nd, Richmond Music Hall is set to welcome the formidable presence of Titus Andronicus. Hailing from New Jersey, this band has spent the past 15 years crafting a diverse repertoire, releasing nine records that span concept albums to rock operas. Drawing inspiration from the myriad styles that emerged in the post-punk era, Titus Andronicus has solidified their status as a force of nature. Currently, they’re touring in support of their latest concept album, The Will to Live, released last fall—a poignant response by frontman Patrick Stickles to the passing of his former bandmate Matt Miller in 2021.

Sharing the stage with Titus Andronicus is the Nashville-based rock outfit Country Westerns, who are gearing up to release their sophomore album, Forgive The City, on April 28th. At first glance, this indie rock band with distinct country influences might seem an unlikely match for the punk powerhouse, but upon closer inspection, striking similarities emerge in both groups’ guitar work and the raspy, emotive vocals of their lead singers. The intriguing musical styles of both bands make for a compelling lineup, and Titus Andronicus is guaranteed to deliver a high-octane performance well worth attending on a Sunday evening.


In case you haven’t heard, Tim & Neko, previously the guitarist/vocalist and drummer of the acclaimed People’s Blues of Richmond, have reunited and unleashed a new single upon the world. Their debut track, “Under-Achieved & Overdosed,” released on March 12th, is an epic, seven-minute tour de force that highlights the duo’s unparalleled chemistry and remarkable talent. The pair will be gracing the stage once more after their December 2019 hiatus, with a highly anticipated performance scheduled for April 1st, 9 PM, outside Shockoe Salon. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness two of Richmond’s most distinguished rock musicians as they rekindle their creative spark and set the stage ablaze.

An enigmatic newcomer caught our attention recently in the RVA Magazine inbox. Marissa Butler, the creative force behind Deore, has been steadily releasing music since 2019, with her latest single slated for release on April 1st. Characterized by Deore herself as “BDSM-themed Folk-Punk,” the forthcoming track, “Brat,” offers a tantalizing glimpse into the psyche of this rising female artist as she navigates her blossoming musical journey. While you eagerly await the arrival of her new single, we recommend exploring Deore’s earlier work for a taste of the innovative sounds soon to be unveiled.

Happy Pills – Palmyra // 2023 NPR Tiny Desk Contest Submission

Hailing from Richmond, Palmyra is an indefatigable force in the music scene, ceaselessly pushing boundaries. They recently unveiled their latest single, “Happy Pills,” commemorating its release with a sold-out show at The Camel last Friday night, sharing the stage with Deau Eyes. The band’s relentless energy won’t be contained to just one city, as they’re embarking on a journey to Harrisonburg, eager to unleash their fresh tracks upon the rest of the Virginia audience before circling back to Richmond next weekend. If you find yourself in the Harrisonburg area this week, do yourself a favor and experience Palmyra’s magnetic presence at the Clementine Cafe on Saturday, April 1st, at 8 PM.

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Top photo by Joey Wharton @joey_wharton

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