SATURDAY: ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE Featuring: Joe McMahon w/Brett Adams

by | Oct 20, 2012 | MUSIC

On Saturday June 16th, Emilio’s in the fan will be showcasing an acoustic set featuring Brett Adams (photo below by Andrew Norman) from The Riot Before, a Richmond punk band that formed in 2003, opening for Joe McMahon (pictured above) from Smoke or Fire , a Richmond punk band by way of Boston.

WHAT: Acoustic Set Performance
WHO: Brett Adams (from The Riot Before) opening for Joe McMahon (from Smoke or Fire)
WHERE: Emilios in the Fan, 1847 W. Broad Street Richmond, VA 23220
WHEN: JUNE 16th, 2012 Starts at 10 PM, $5 cover

Matt Ringer

Matt Ringer

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