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The only thing more awesome than witnessing some fantastic local live music is having your monies go toward helping out a genuine cause or person in need (of more than just beer and weed scrilla).

The only thing more awesome than witnessing some fantastic local live music is having your monies go toward helping out a genuine cause or person in need (of more than just beer and weed scrilla).

Matt Seymour (Pedals on Our Pirate Ships) is one of the nicest dudes in Richmond, and he’s not only one of the more talented acousti-punk musicians in the city (nation), but he’s a Valentine’s Day baby. He’s had a life long struggle with Crohn’s disease, a jerk of a medical condition that requires some pretty hefty medical bills to treat. Pedals, or P.O.O.P.S., as they are affectionately dubbed, are playing a show this Saturday which not only will benefit Mr. Seymour and his mountain of medical billage but will also mark the end of a P.O.O.P.S. chapter. Drummer Louis Cyrtmus is (amicably) parting ways with the troupe and this show will mark his last appearance with the band. Come out on Saturday, 2/22 @ Strange Matter for Pedals on Our Pirate Ships, along with Richmond heavy-hitters Hold Tight!, Close Talker, and Jake Mayday. 9:00 pm, $10. If you can’t make the show and still want to donate, check out this link.

There is also a ton of new music, only a small portion of which we have the space to share in this column. Here we go:

Norfolk’s Sir Yogaflame has the illest beats and funkiest bars we’ve heard this year. Check out “Lemons (Melons)” and just try to say it doesn’t make you feel 100% cooler when you’re listening to it. You should probably listen to the rest of the tracks on his SoundCloud, too, but it’s just a heavy suggestion. Oh, also, this kid looks so young!

Here is Yoga with DP on “Medusa,” a two part track produced by “Iamnotaproducer“:

photo by Covington Portraits

It’s always a good idea to acknowledge the people behind the scenes who help make this music scene as great as it is. Videographers, writers, promoters, etc. all add facets to a textured music scene. Check out the recent work by photographer Ashly Covington. She recently spent two weeks binging on live local music, capturing some pretty rad shots of some seemingly-awesome music memories.

photo by Covington Portraits

photo by Melissa Brugh Photography

Photographer Melissa Brugh has also been stepping up and documenting the live music scene with great shots. Her recent coverage of Jordan Tarrant @ The Camel (video below) and Chelsea Temple @ The Camel made us want to be there.

photo by Heather Riekers

RVA’s clawhammer specialists The Jelly Street High Rollers have posted a few songs on bandcamp. The old-time duo, Zak and Pete, mix the percussion of spoons with the slight dissonance of clawhammer-style banjo for a down-home string band meditation. The acoustic duo is part of the Mare’s Nest Records collective, and they play mostly traditional tunes with their own spin. They credit Ben Shirley, of generally busking as well as Turned Earth, with influencing their sound. Here is “Georgie Buck”:

Check out the rest of the songs individually uploaded onto bandcamp.

photo by Ashley Moye

Mama Like is a new 5-piece garage/blues/jam rock band which has released a few live recordings from practice sessions. The female-fronted (by the gorgeous Sydney Lawson) unit plays loose, momentum-shifting grunge rock and fills everything out with two guitarists. Members of Fool’s Errand, Neighborhood Friendly, and Classic Monkey Shine constitute the remaining musicians. You can peruse the type of gear every member in the band utilizes here. Check out “Up in Flames” with lines like “You let your demons get behind the wheel/Almost forgot the way the sun used to feel.” There are a few spaced-out jams but the tangents are limited.

Bandrew also recently released a live recording from a recent show at the Camel. The three Andrews play a rowdy mix of punk and post-rock leanings. Check out the progressive sounds of “In the Meantime,” the first song on the setlist. The trio will be all over the place musically but somehow stay tied to each other’s nastiest licks. One track, “Ten Cities,” features guest Neko Williams (drummer from People’s Blues of Richmond). Dudes also play an ambitious cover of Nirvana’s “School” and hit the grunge noise nail on its head.

Check out Bandrew at Yerb Fest 1 on 3/1 and also 3/12 @ Cary Street Café for the 3rd installment of their monthly residency.

photo by Bea Roof

Crack open a PBR and get ready for the river (btw, kayak cops though) because Dr. Con has released a hip jam rock single called “Red Dogs,” reminiscent of Red Hot Chili Peppers in the summer. Guitars wail, drums hit hard and metallic, and the band wraps everything up in a tight little riff at the end. The four-piece has two guys (Darren Hall and Max Musto) who alternate between drums and bass, the latter of which I could not hear very well. Stay tuned for upcoming show announcements!

We are so hype for Tungs‘s new psych rock album, Not for Grandma (released 2/22), and the band just posted the title track as a teaser leading up to the drop. One minute of grungey stoner metal and post-punk vocals really whets the appetite for more! The CD release is 2/22 @ Our House along with Roseanne and Navi.

Billy Bacci is a singer/songwriter recently transplanted from his hometown of Leesburg, and he has just released a split EP with Baltimore’s Aerica Lauren. He has also released album under the name Rain Negativity a few months ago. His delicate touch on these acoustic tracks has a lightness to it. “Carrie” is a pretty Americana ballad that might make you wish you were born with that name. Check out his portion of the EP just below:

Finally, Octavion X has been really busy lately, and he just dropped “Gold & Gucci” produced by Gabe Niles. I’m not gonna lie, Octavion loves satisfying his sexual needs and talking about it. Sometimes I think I can’t be shocked anymore, and then I hear lyrics that make me blush.

“Gold & Gucci”:

Here is the new video for “GRL” featuring Dr. Millionaire and Koncept Jack$on (produced by Hovey Benjamin & David Greene). Check out the way these guys manipulated Barbara Mason’s “I’m Ready”:

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