Best of Missed Connections 8/18-25

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August has been cooling off as of late – but Criaglist is still as hot-as-ever. Nows perfect patio weather, which is a great place to become the subject of an MC. Do you check the posts daily?

August has been cooling off as of late – but Criaglist is still as hot-as-ever. Nows perfect patio weather, which is a great place to become the subject of an MC. Do you check the posts daily? Lord knows we do, in our ever-present hopes of playing cupid for love-sick Richmonders.

So will you have your magic moment after reading this week’s MCs? I hope that you do, cause you’re sweeter than wine.

cute girl behind the counter – m4w (doswell)

you made the best smoothie tonight. it seemed like you were rushing me off when you pointed to the forks for the salad. if i was mistaken, it would be great to talkto you some more, maybe learn some of that lingo. 😉

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You are a stripper. I know it’s cliché. – m4w (richmond)

You are a stripper at rogue. We talked about video games instead of getting a lap dance. I’d really like to get to know you outside of work.

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Little Caesars – Gayton – m4m (Henrico)

Between 630p and 7p tonight, you walked into LC’s where I was waiting on my order and you got a pizza and wings. You are a 20 something super hot African American, shaved head, wearing a powder blue tee and also shorts that fit your ass well enough to make me forget about my pizza. You smiled at me as you left. Hope it was a spark. You had parked next to me also and when I came out to he car, you glanced over at me again. Hit me back and tell me what flavor wings and the two kinds of sauce you got with them. Yeah, I was looking and listening. 😉 I’m thinking, backrubs, wrestling around, cuddling and see where it goes.

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Patriotic Jeep Owner – m4m (Gym in the Fan)At the gym tonight

Hottest Viking I’ve seen in a while
Would love to see more

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you took your dog to the vet today – m4w (Taylor locke)

You were a gorgeous brunette. You had your puppy there which was brown and white. I heard his name but one of those unique ones that i cant remember. Wanted a chance to say hey, but you sneaked out the other side of the building before I had the opportunity. I’ll take you out to get to know you a bit better. Tell me his name…

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gorgeous female police officer at wawa – w4w – 25 (brook rd wawa)

You are a gorgeous female police officer, you have dark brown hair that’s shorter on the sides and longer on top, i saw you at wawa this morning at about 7:50. I’m sorry that I couldn’t stop staring, you’re gorgeous. I was the woman I’m the blue scrub top. Respond if you saw me

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Girl with GREEN curly hair at the VCU Kroger – m4w – 29 (vcu)

You made me drool i like your style and love your hair. I was wearing a Night of the Living Dead shirt let’s hangout >:)

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taco bell drive thru chick – m4w (Oaklawn by starbucks)

Hey, not likely you’ll see this, but will try anyways. I didn’t have the balls to ask for your number or if you were single even. Came thru the drive thru at 615 or so. We smiled at each other a couple times. I tried not staring while I was waiting but your smile and lips made it really hard. You have unique nails, tell me your name or your nail color. Me, I was in a blue car, white guy with big arms. You noticed my tattooes. Tell me what one of them was.

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geek squad best buy koger center blvd – m4m

the thin guy with glasses. you helped me with my computer that had a bad power supply.
i was stunned the whole time. how incredibly cute and sexy you are.
it would be a miracle to hear from you.

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in line behind you with my kids – m4w – 38 (wal-mart brook/parham)

I was behind you in the checkout with my daughters. I found myself mesmerized by your beautiful blue eyes and pretty smile. You thanked me for my patience. We then we waved at each other in the parking lot as you were leaving. Don’t worry; I’m not looking for a 2nd wife or step-mom for my kids, however I would love to get together sometime and see where it may lead.

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Brad Kutner

Brad Kutner

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