Celebrate 10 awesome years of independent radio at WRIR’s 10th anniversary party next week

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Live performances from kick-ass bands, local DJs, and gallons upon gallons of beer. What could possibly be more quintessentially Richmond?

Live performances from kick-ass bands, local DJs, and gallons upon gallons of beer. What could possibly be more quintessentially Richmond?

Beloved RVA staple WRIR 97.3 turns the big 1-0 this year, and to celebrate they’re throwing their Tenth Annual Party for the Rest of Us. The independent station has pulled out all stops for this year’s party, booking a variety of acts from the past, as well as some new faces.

According to Events Coordinator Lindsey Spurrier, “Attendees can expect an eclectic mix of music genre performances that represent the diversity that is WRIR.”

Not only is this the biggest WRIR party of the year, but this is also the biggest celebration WRIR has thrown ever. Period.

“Since this year celebrates 10 years of unrepresented news, music, and talk on air, you can expect it to be even bigger than in past years,” said Spurrier. “10 years of doing anything is a big deal. 10 years of running a non-profit radio station comprised only of volunteers is an amazing accomplishment!”

Anyone who’s lived in Richmond for a while has likely been to a WRIR party or show before, and so they have some idea of what to expect. The Party for the Rest of Us is typically one of the best, reveling in the local music scene and turning up consistently impressive performers.

“This party started out, the first few years, as a thank you to volunteers for all of their hard work.” said Spurrier. “It has evolved into a celebration of local music, which makes up a lot of what our DJs play on air.”

As usual the event will take place in The Renaissance Ballroom, a sizable facility located within the likewise-named Renaissance venue, dubbed “Richmond’s best kept secret” by its owners.

“The Renaissance Ballroom has a fantastic setup that allows us to have music happening in multiple rooms at the same time,” said Spurrier. “We have our main stage performances and our variety room performances. And of course, WRIR DJs.”

The biggest non-musical draw this year is a new brew from Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, devised by party MC Phil Ford. The brew will be named “X” in honor of the tenth anniversary and will be available in draft.

“The style is a Belgian Pale Ale. When I tried the pilot batch it was moderately malty with a slightly spicy finish to it from the type of yeast,” said Spurrier. “It is lower in ABV so it should be a more sessionable beer than what what most breweries come out with this time of year.”

In true anniversary style, The Party for the Rest of Us will feature both new and old acts, and one very special collaboration. Local legends Dave Watkins, Navi, and Dumb Waiter will be performing together in a big band project, something we’ll delve further into in another piece.

“My dream band idea was for Dave Watkins, Dumb Waiter and Navi to play together,” said Spurrier. “I was so excited when they agreed to play!”

Another exciting act is Bermuda Triangles, the beat-driven experimental quartet fronted by Jason Hodges (Mutwawa, Supression). A long sought after act, Hodges had previously never been able to perform at a Party for the Rest of Us.

“We have also been trying to get any of Jason Hodges’ bands to play the party for years, but he always worked Friday nights,” said Spurrier. “He recently got a new job and was available, so that was kind of a big deal for us.”

Other acts of the night include: Ann Beretta, Murphy’s Kids, Ki: Theory, Sam Reed Syndicate, Huckiddy, Classical Revolution, VCU’s R.A.M.ifications, Square Dance w/ The String Band for the Rest of Us, plus WRIR DJs Mr. Jazz, of Bebop And Beyond With Mr. Jazz; Gene of The British Breakfast; Mr. Atavist of Sunrise Ocean Bender; Amanda of River City Limits; and Jesse Split of Frequency.

It’s a full slate, with virtually no genre or style going unrepresented.

The party goes live Friday, February 6th at 7pm and runs until 12am. This is one you definitely don’t wanna miss, folks.

Brad Kutner

Brad Kutner

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