Chappell Roan, RVA Music Night, Shinyribs & Paint On It: Sound Check


This Friday Cheers unfurls once more, heralding a celebration of Richmond’s dynamic music scene with RVA Music Night—a curated blend of today’s most electrifying local acts alongside The Legendary Ingramettes, a storied gospel ensemble taking center stage.

But that’s just the prelude. Shinyribs, the visionary behind Poor People’s Store, graces Get Tight Lounge, while The Camel hosts its own music showcase headlined by Paint On It.

Meanwhile, Brown’s Island anticipates a packed crowd for Chappell Roan’s sold-out spectacle tonight, and various local talents unveil fresh tracks.

All this and more awaits in this week’s edition of SOUND CHECK.

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Knifing Around, The Legendary Ingramettes, Woody Woodworth & the Piners RVA Music Night Friday Cheers Sound Check RVA Mag 2024

Friday, May 24th @ Brown’s Island
Doors: 6:00 pm

RVA Music Night at Friday Cheers means that you’ve got endless bands and sounds to choose from during an entire evening of eclectic tunes. The Legendary Ingramettes headline the stage for this particular night bringing their classic gospel tunes and unforgettable energy to the stage at 8:15 pm. I caught this group at the Richmond Folk Festival a few years ago, and they played a 20 minutes dance number that had me and the other concert-goers running up and down the aisles.

In the middle of the evening is Richmond based singer-songwriter Woody Woodworth along with his backing band The Piners. His classic country sound brings in the influences of rock and roll without drifting into the world of pandering stadium country. He’s got three records out right now if you want to brush up on your back catalogue before checking him out on the big day.

Exciting up and comers Knifing Around are starting off the night as they harken back to the days of new-wave music with a disjointed sound and irreverent singing that is more about the vibe than it is about any aspect of the music in general. When this group locks into a groove they hold it down for four minutes chanting out well written and hypnotic lyrics that captivate as much as they confuse. Their recordings don’t even do them justice though as their live shows are high energy and bizarre affairs that must be seen to be to be believed.

out of town acts to see

Chappell Roan by Lucienne
Chappell Roan by Lucienne

Thursday, May 23rd @ Brown’s Island
Doors: 6:00 pm

If you were hoping to see the pop superstar on the rise this Thursday, the show is sold out. Chappell Roan is rapidly becoming a queer icon as well as a respected musician in her own right as her anthemic pop songs combined with her tender ballads have taken hold of American pop culture.

Sunday, May 26th @ Get Tight Lounge
Doors: 7:30 pm

Shinyribs popped up on some random playlist for me years ago, and his album Well After Awhile has been a repeat for me ever since. Never did I consider the artist behind the track until I saw the name come up at Get Tight and had a, “… wait a minute!” moment. The sprawling ensemble is headed by Kevin Russell, a Tennessee and Louisiana native and deep lover of swamp music from the first half of the 20th century. Russell brings the sound into the modern age with humor and 21st century sensibilities while painting and respecting its rich heritage. A fun and exciting Sunday night awaits you at Get Tight Lounge if you didn’t find yourself with enough excitement from the rest of the weekend.

Ricky Stein opens the night with his specific brand of finger style acoustic guitar songwriting. His tender voice floats above his lightly plucked progressions with grace and ease. A catalogue spanning 15 years, Ricky Stein has so many tracks to choose from, so I suggest just turning it on and letting it run, and not a single track disappoints.

Local & Regional acts to see

Friday, May 24th @ The Camel
Doors: 9:00 pm

Originally the brain child of Billy Bacci, paint on it delivers classic indie tunes with suavity and decorum. Notable for their loose textures and tight harmonies, Paint On It is everything an indie band should be. Possessing an easy listening quality, Paint On It have been operating under the name since changing it from the Billy Bacci Band, and have two albums to show off their work, including one from just a few months ago. Thoughtful composition and a classic sound make Paint On It a band for anyone who cares to listen.

Prabir! Richmond’s very own guitar daddy playing his jazzy indie jams with Hindu pantheon inspired lyrics make for a truly unique experience among local musicians. His 2021 record Haanji is a staple of local album listens, and his live shows are nothing to be scoffed at either.

Opening the show is Shera Shi whose music remains a mystery to me as they have none out yet, but with highly respected Richmond regulars among the performers, I can only expect the best.

local & regional releases


Competently structured and honest, this debut single by Moodwalk, the stage name for Richmond based singer songwriter Jonathan Harris, spells good things for the emerging artist. A pleasant mix of acoustic guitar driven songwriting combined with polished pop production create a pleasant, if somewhat sonically standard track. The level of production and control though are a promising signal for an artist so fresh in their releasing career.


The debut release from Charm Offensive does what I want an EP to do; display the sound. Who are you, what is your band and what do you stand for? I think Misery EP does this perfectly. On the heavier side of shoegaze, Misery EP takes the rougher sound of garage and fuses it with distant voices and poppier licks to make something, if not entirely new, but entirely theirs. What starts off as a nice introduction with the title track follows a somewhat predictable, yet still pleasing path, before arriving at the last two tracks which to me hold the the secret of this music. “Arizona” starts off with a dissonant quasi-chromatic riff, before immediately switching to a more pleasant chord progression. They trade back and forth for a while, while a “missing you” song plays out over top, but the expansive sound and catchy melodies ebb and flow before crashing like a wave towards the end of the track. Ending on what I an only describe as a shoegaze power ballad, “On Your Way” takes what you thought you knew about song progression in the previous track, and turns it up to 11. The power of this song can not be overstated as the drums kick it in to high gear and the singer cries their heart out before pulling away leaving you wanting more. A well produced and well thought release, a rarity amongst EPs, Misery EP is a must listen for rock and rolls fans the spectrum over.

My favorite track:

  • “Arizona”
  • “On Your Way”

Top photo courtesy of The Legendary Ingramettes

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Andrew Bonieskie

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