RMP 2015 Muralist: Singapore’s Clogtwo brings colorful graphic designs and dark humor illustrations to RVA walls

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The Richmond Mural Project 2015 has begun and we’re here to help you learn more about the artist who will be adding to RVA’s already world-class collection of murals.

The Richmond Mural Project 2015 has begun and we’re here to help you learn more about the artist who will be adding to RVA’s already world-class collection of murals. Below is a profile of one of the RMP 2015 artists. Keep an eye out for the rest in the coming weeks, and make sure you come out for the RMP 2015 opening party July 18th 4-8pm at Sabai – 2727 West Broad st.

See a mural you like? put it on Instagram and tag us in it – then use the hashtag #RMP2015 and the person with the most murals tagged at the end of the festival will win an original piece of art by RMP Artists.

Today’s Muralist: CLOGTWO
Location: 600 N. Sheppard St.

Singapore-based graffiti artist and fine arts practitioner Clogtwo’s versatile multi-disciplinary work varies from huge murals to customized vinyl toys.

Also known as Eman Jeman, he describes himself as a visual anarchist who started exploring his artistic abilities from a young age. His style incorporates bold and colorful graphic designs and traditional drawings.

“I admire street art and surrealism illustrations,” he said in an interview with whohub, an online directory of interviews with professionals.

“I’m a balance of both the old and future illustrations as I believe that you need [both] to be versatile in this field.”

Clogtwo has a unique vision that is “inspired by his daily observations of society, the narratives in his work explore the elements of dark humor and social behavior.”

Dark humor is a theme that runs throughout his art, which can often remind viewers of cartoons turned on their head.

“Most of my illustrations done during my free time are mostly politically inclined or perhaps have dark thoughts in them,” he told whohub. “Compared to my childhood drawings, whereas it’s more cartoon-like and superheroes related.”

“My favorite comic book as a child was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I’m always fascinated by ninja skilled turtles fighting.”

His work creates visual interpretations of social behavior and problems he sees. His imagery comes from the inspirations of those questions he commonly asks about society, from a personal perspective but also from the perspective of being a human in the greater world.

He works out of his studio with his “partner in crime” Inkten. Together, they make Ink&Clog and have traveled all over the world to create their art. Inkten, who is also part of the mural project which will run until next Friday the 24th,will paint a mural on Goshen Street. Check out Inkten’s story here.

They have been “silently constructing” together for the last seven years. Their work seamlessly blends their two styles. Clog’s three dimensional macabre images harmonize with Ink’s blocks of whimsical colors and forms.

Ink&Clog teamed up with a Milanese Crew called NuclearOne at the end of their 2014 trip to Italy, which they documented in this video. They’ve travelled everywhere from Melbourne to Atlanta and created videos of their artistic process, which you can find here.

The two also have an ode to Star Wars with their “Die Jedi Scum series” which you can check out below:

Although much of his work is done on the expansive canvas of interior and exterior walls, Clogtwo also works in digital painting and illustrating.

“If I want to produce a sketchy feel to my illustration then I will sketch everything entirely on paper and then do a digital coloring on the piece,” he told whohub. “And if I want a clean glossy feeling to my work, then I will do it entirely digital except for the initial process stage.”
 photo 10334388_521177604693731_1267675684911749688_n_zpsb0d28710.jpg

His work spans from commissioned work for a long list of clients everywhere from Obey and Swatch to the Gap and Ray-Ban.

“Break yourself, harvest what’s broken, rebuild it into something that you will put in discipline and heart in it. Success doesn’t come overnight.”

Amy David

Amy David

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