Let’s Talk Vegan With Kasie Hull Of Tiny Vegan!

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Hello everyone! Today we speak with Kasie Hull, the owner of Tiny Vegan, a Richmond food truck that specializes in vegan dishes. She shares her motivation for starting the business, the challenges of creating vegan versions of classic comfort foods, and her advice for those considering transitioning to a vegan lifestyle or diet. She also discuss her involvement in events that give back to the community and the future of Tiny Vegan, and their upcoming events.

What motivated you to create a food truck that only serves vegan dishes?
I had initially planned to open a vegan restaurant with a bar, but the pandemic forced me to pivot and launch a food truck instead. I opened in Greenville, SC in October 2020, and business went well. In February 2022, I relocated to Richmond, VA and reopened my food truck, called Tiny Vegan. As a vegan myself, it was an easy decision to serve plant-based dishes.

Tony veganPhoto by Kimberly Frost

You are known for offering vegan versions of classic comfort foods. How challenging is it to create vegan versions of these dishes?
The easiest way to interest someone to try something new is to make it as close to the food they are already comfortable with. Comfort foods are an easy swap for those that haven’t eaten much vegan food. I love making classic dishes into healthier, more sustainable , delicious and cruelty free favorites and that task is a welcome challenge. I grew up eating Cuban sandwiches with my mom and sisters on the beach in Florida, so I knew I had to have that on my menu.

Do you have any advice for someone considering transitioning to a vegan lifestyle (or diet)?
There are many different motivations for adopting a vegan lifestyle, such as animal welfare, environmental concerns, and health benefits. While I see veganism as a way of living, I also believe that any level of plant-based eating can make a positive impact. My advice for those interested in transitioning to a vegan diet is to start slowly and make changes at a pace that is comfortable for you.

tiny veganPhoto by Kimberly Frost

I noticed you’ve been involved in some events where you’ve given back to the community. Could you tell me a little more about that?
Absolutely! These are my favorite events to participate in. This year, I’m planning on having more “pay what you can” days as well. I love being able to feed people, connect with them, and share my food. I also like to donate a portion of my proceeds to a variety of causes.

Where do you see Tiny Vegan in the next five years?
Definitely! I’m confident that there will be a brick-and-mortar location in the future. 2023 is looking like it’s going to be a great year. There are so many possibilities on the horizon!

Tiny vegan
Photo by Kimberly Frost

Where can we catch you next? Do you have any upcoming events coming up that we should know about? Also, you are at Ellwood’s right now, right?
Our first event of the year will be at Theta Wellness for their open house on January 7th from 2-5 pm. Additionally, we will be at Saturn Return every Monday from 12-6 pm starting on January 9th.

Find out more information on Tiny Vegan HERE
Photos by Kimberly Frost

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