Members of Iron Reagan and Valient Thorr to Open Cobra Cabana Restaurant in Richmond

by | Oct 9, 2019 | EAT DRINK

Band members from two prominent heavy metal bands have stepped off the stage to come together to try their hands in the kitchen. Iron Reagan bassist Rob Skotis and Herbie Abernathy, singer of North Carolina-based Valient Thorr plan to open Cobra Cabana, a bar and restaurant in Jackson Ward this fall. 

Abernathy, who will serve as the general manager for the West Marshall Street eatery, is also partnering with En Su Boca manager Josh Novicki, who will serve as head chef. 

“We want this to be a place where all the misfits can go, and not in a bad way,” laughed Herby, who hopes to keep the dive bar vibe while also offering a home to those who walk through the doors.

Novicki has managed restaurants in North Carolina as well. 

Cobra Cabana, which will go into the former Black Sheep restaurant space, will serve up sandwiches inspired by both the band members’ tour travels along with a few other unique items like perogies.

“Being people who have traveled all over the world, we experienced bars that we like and don’t like,” said Abernathy. “There’s lots of bars that have quality food in town, but there’s none that have a really killer vibe.”

While Abernathy was driving Municipal Waste on tour, Skotis called up Herby and told him of his shared desire to start a bar and restaurant in Richmond.

“Sometime last year I was looking for spaces to start it up here in Richmond. We got up last year in May and we talked about it again,” said Abernathy.

The group wants to offer outdoor seating, and a great atmosphere as well. 

Cobra Cabana is slated to open sometime in early September. 

Samantha Rinchetti

Samantha Rinchetti

Samantha is a Virginia Beach native currently studying communications with a concentration in digital media at Longwood University. She specializes in women's issues and empowerment in politics and visual and performing arts.

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