There’s still plenty of Hardywood Ginger Bread Stout out there, here’s how to find it!

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Tis the season for delicious dark seasonal beers, and one of Richmond’s most famous can be hard to find. But not anymore!

Tis the season for delicious dark seasonal beers, and one of Richmond’s most famous can be hard to find. But not anymore! The folks at Hardywood have been brewing Gingerbread Stout since 2011, and it’s won awards and acclaim around the country ever since. Most importantly, it’s available here in Richmond.

But it can be hard to find. After seeing so many folks asking, “Where, for the love of god, can I find this sweet brew?” we decieded to reach out to Hardywood and get the details.

First off, you can go to Hardywood’s brewery in Scott’s Addition and pick up a max of four bottles per visit.

“Our production team, along with the help of our amazing volunteers, has been working very hard to supply bottles for sale at the brewery during our regular tap room hours,” said Matt Shofner, Hardywood’s Assistant Hospitality Manager.

Head over to 2408 Ownby Ln, Richmond, VA 23220, between 4 – 9 PM Weds-Fri, 2 – 9 Saturday, and noon – 6 PM Sundays, and snag yourself a few bottles.

But for those unable to make it to the brewery, Hardywood, as if by the grace of God herself, has a digital beer locator.

Using this simple search, you can find out which stores have gotten deliveries in the last 30 days, and the number of beers delivered. It doesn’t show if there are any left, but it should give you a good place to start your quest.

As for finding the brew on tap, Benjamin Petty, Hardywood’s Regional Sales Manager, said if you see their beers on tap regularly at your favorite bar, they should be well stocked with GBS.

Tapping that pin of Xmas Morning GBS at Joe's Inn in the fan. (24 other options too!)

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“We do our very best to make sure that accounts that take care of us, are taken care of with GBS and BGBS,” said Petty. “They get delivery of beer on set days each week.”

Petty said they make as much GBS as they can every season, and never create an artificial scarcity to drum up profits. Rather, they see GBS and the success it has had, as a blessing for themselves and RVA.

“There won’t ever be enough GBS to satisfy demand, and that is part of the fun,” said Petty. “It is amazing to watch it disappear off of store shelves as fast as it does. We are proud to be able to help bottle shops, stores, bars, and restaurants make a lot of money in a very short amount of time.”

GBS is brewed with local ingredients – honey from Louisa County Bearer Farms, baby Hawaiian Ginger from Casselmonte Farms in Powhatan, and Vietnamese Cinnamon from Carytown’s Penzey Spices. All of these pieces come together to form the beautiful puzzle that is the GBS.

“We love our local partners: Bill and India Cox of Casselmonte Farm, and Cy Bearer of Bearer Farms in Louisa. They are great people and they supply us with fantastic ingredients, for which we are grateful,” said Petty. “We are proud to support other small, local, independent businesses, utilizing their wonderful ingredients to create beauty in our Gingerbread Stout.”

“We wish there was a whole lot more to go around!” he added.

While we can’t guarantee any of the above-mentioned methods will allow you to get your hands on this sweet sweet brew, they should help you on your quest.

So get out there, and enjoy this holiday season with a little bit of GBS in your belly.

Brad Kutner

Brad Kutner

Brad Kutner is the former editor of GayRVA and RVAMag from 2013 - 2017. He’s now the Richmond Bureau Chief for Radio IQ, a state-wide NPR outlet based in Roanoke. You can reach him at

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