Welcome to the Final Four of RVA Beer Madness!!!!

by | Oct 20, 2015 | EAT DRINK

The teams have been set and we move into the Final Four with our eyes on the Final Two Teams and the Championship Round!

The teams have been set and we move into the Final Four with our eyes on the Final Two Teams and the Championship Round!

In our Eastern Divisions we had two huge match ups with some popular Beer Madness Teams in town.

First we had the top seeded Capital Ale House against the very popular pub The Roosevelt. The Roosevelt had really been tearing up the bracket, taking on multiple big teams and rising up through the tourney. This matchup was the closest matchup in round 4, but The Roosevelt could not quite hold on to take out Capital Ale. Capital Ale House moves on to the Final Four, and represents the Downtown/Shockoe area with its massive selection of beers on draft and in bottles.

In the second matchup of the Eastern Divisions, we had Hardywood Craft Brewery versus the new, up-and-coming Cask Cafe. The Cask Cafe has really been the Cinderella of this tourney, taking out teams many thought would push through to the next round. Their rise to the Elite Eight in the RVA Beer Madness has been something to behold. But they finally met their match as they ran into the ever-popular Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, who hang on to become The Fan/Scott’s Addition district champions.

Hardywood moves onto the Final Four as a strong contender to meet Capital Ale House.

In our Western Division we had two tough matchups in the Carytown/Museum District and West End/Southside divisions, which represented some of the strongest teams in this tournament. Don’t Look Back has had a great run of it, even though it pulled matchups with two of its sister restaurants. DLB has done well, but could not hang with its younger sister, Portrait House, who took this matchup and will move on to a tough next round.

Strangeways Brewing’s showing has been strong throughout this event, taking out some popular places along the way. But their road to the Final Four runs through Mekong, and this is where Strangeways’ great run comes to an end. This sets up a David vs Goliath with Portrait House facing the top seeded Mekong in the Final Four.


In the EAST, Capital Ale House vs Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

Out of The WEST, Portrait House vs Mekong

Voting ends at 6 PM on Monday, after which we will set up and post the Championship Round. It all comes down to this, folks!

Brad Kutner

Brad Kutner

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