Not In My Backyard: Weekend Playlist by 3:33

by | Jan 24, 2020 | MUSIC

Every Friday night, RVA Mag brings you a playlist curated by Virginia’s most influential artists, musicians, and institutions.

This week’s comes to us from Richmond metallic punk band 3:33, who are releasing their new EP, Jaws Of A Wolf, this weekend with a killer release party on Saturday night at Wonderland. The EP is their first new material in almost two years, and the first release to feature “Swamp Thing” on vocals (these guys use some pretty amazing pseudonyms). You can see them rock it out in fine fashion tomorrow night, accompanied by Philadelphia blackened thrashers Traitor and Richmond’s own Voarm and MSD.

But before you do that, you should really give 3:33’s weekend playlist a listen. Not only does it contain a two-song preview of the brand new EP (check out the whole thing on Bandcamp here), it also contains a mega dose of heavyosity from all sorts of metal, hardcore, and punk bands, many of whom hail from Richmond and the nearby region. There are also detours into hip hop, post-rock, soul, and more. It all adds up to a great soundtrack for a cold winter’s weekend — one you can easily liven up by spending your Saturday night with 3:33 at Wonderland.

Rage hard, Virginia.

Open this playlist from mobile in your Spotify app HERE.

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