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Marc Rebillet is a one-man show, a performance artist and “loop daddy,” and altogether one wild and funny man. Many will know him from his YouTube channel, which has been making the rounds on social media with such unforgettable hits as “Look at that ass,” “Chaos and Destruction”, and “Stop the Rape.” Videos like these have propelled him into sold-out shows on his current tour, which hits Richmond on Sunday night at The Camel.  

If you get a chance to check out any of his “Idealogue” videos, you will see exactly what makes him so appealing and popular. Rebillet is, in a lot of ways, the perfect performer for today’s social media world. His performances are funny and exciting, and what’s more, he has real piano and singing chops. Despite the humorous approach, his music seriously gets hype, with banging beats that run the gamut from trap to funk and R&B. His live performances are ad-libbed on the spot, and often include audience participation.     

As soon as I found out Rebillet was coming to Richmond on December 23, I jumped at the chance to speak with him. I learned that he is very approachable, and genuine in his love for what he does. I was excited to ask a few quick questions and talk a bit about his trip to Richmond. Speaking of which, the show is quickly heading for a sellout, so get your tickets right now. See you there — let’s get wild!

Check out this amazing live set below (start at 38 seconds to jump right to a great part), followed by our interview with Marc:

Can you help me say your last name.  I have been going with Mark Reb-il-it, just like that. But it’s French, I believe, and I need help with this.

Before we go on, my first name is Marc with a “C”! The French way. The last name is pronounced “Rub-ee-yay.” Also extremely French.

Would you say the Reggie Watts is one of your biggest influences?  What other loop-based artist or musicians have influenced you?

Reggie Watts is absolutely one of my biggest influences, especially regarding the live show. I don’t watch or listen to many other looping artists, to be honest. Lots of musical influences, but not too many that loop. I’ve seen some cool stuff from Moses Sumney, a few others whose names escape me. But Reggie really inspired the format of the show.

Is a good robe important? And what do you look for in that? I feel like you could guide me in finding this.

A good robe is extremely important. I only own one, but I find lots of satisfaction in hotel robes. I sometimes wear them to shows. You just feel good with one on.

How does one go from hype to ratchet? Can we make some kind of device that would measure this correctly? We can share the copyright on this.

I hear Lockheed Martin is developing a hype-to-ratchet converter, very excited to try that out. For me, I usually just start screaming. Tends to work.

You have been working on your sound and performance for a while now. How did you develop the current video format with performance and humor? Do you mostly ad-lib on the spot, or plan things out a bit more than people know?

The videos are just slightly more planned out than the live shows. The live shows are 100% improvised. I have no plan going in and whatever happens, happens. I’ll usually make one or two songs from my online videos but the rest is unique to that night’s show. For the videos I mess around for a bit until I have a good idea, and then I do a few takes to make sure I’m performing it efficiently. The early takes are the best, because there’s an energy there that’s lost in the later ones. Words and melodies are more or less made up each take.

Will this be your first time in Richmond VA? What do you know about Richmond (RVA – slang)?

Yes it will be! I don’t know about this slang but now I’m probably going to bring it up onstage.

What idealogue are we on here? Can we get a general number or idea on it? How did you start with this series?

We’re in the 40s. We’d be in the 50s if I kept the first ten online. But they were different — I was just talking to the camera about stupid ideas I’ve had written down for years. The 10th one is when I started filming myself using the looper.

Do you talk to yourself in the mirror? Like do you get up and look at yourself and say “I’m fucking Marc Rebillet…” I’m not sure how to finish that exactly, so you tell me.

Hahaha, I don’t say that, but I definitely talk to myself in the mirror. Doesn’t everybody? It’s one of those alone things that we all do but rarely discuss.

Whats your favorite thing about connecting to an audience and playing live?

It’s exactly that. The experience of connecting with a crowd that’s giving me big, big energy is irreplaceable. When the audience meets me there, I give it right back to them as big as I can… The audience truly makes the show what it is. Plus I never have to plan anything. It’s a great job.

See Marc Rebillet at The Camel, located at 1621 W. Broad St, on Sunday, December 23, with special guest DJ Harrison. Doors open at 8, music starts at 9. Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door, and can be purchased at this link. For more info, click here.

Check out Marc Rebillet’s website, learn all you need to know about him in one BIO, or follow him on Facebook. 

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