RVA Noise Fest III Announces Full Lineup Of Eardrum-Destroying Acts

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Today, for the first time anywhere, we’re pleased to bring you the complete lineup of RVA Noise Fest III, taking place April 18-20. This festival of experimental sound takes things to a whole new level in its third year–5 shows at 4 different venues, spread over 3 days and featuring over 50 acts, for an avalanche of noise the likes of which this city has never seen.

Today, for the first time anywhere, we’re pleased to bring you the complete lineup of RVA Noise Fest III, taking place April 18-20. This festival of experimental sound takes things to a whole new level in its third year–5 shows at 4 different venues, spread over 3 days and featuring over 50 acts, for an avalanche of noise the likes of which this city has never seen. The noise scene in Richmond has really been given a shot in the arm over the last couple of years by the tireless work of Gary Stevens (Mutwawa/Head Molt), Matt Boettke (Scant/Daggering), and Jonathan Lee (Anduin/Souvenir’s Young America). Anytime something cool has happened with the experimental music scene in this town recently, you can be sure one of these guys is behind it, and with all three of them working together on the latest edition of RVA Noise Fest, it’s guaranteed to be outstanding.

It all kicks off on Friday, April 18 at 7 PM at Black Iris Music (321 W. Broad St). The first event of the weekend will be one of the most noteworthy, as it will bring together New York’s Stephen Vitiello and RVA’s own Bobby Donne for a collaborative set. While both musicians started in the punk scene, Donne’s main claims to fame are his membership in 90s instrumental noise-rock trio Breadwinner and, later, in ambient/post-rock group LaBradford. He is currently a member of Cristal, an experimental/drone crew made up of former Richmond hardcore musicians. Vitiello has worked with such noteworthy musicians as Pauline Oliveros, Machinefabriek, and Robin Rimbaud (of Scanner). In 1999, he was an artist-in-residence at the World Trade Center, and later used the recordings he made during that time for albums and sound installations. He is currently an associate professor in the Kinetic Imaging department at VCU.

Then at 9 PM on Friday, April 18, things will move over to Sound Of Music Studios (209 N. Foushee St), where things will have “more of an electronic vibe,” according to fest co-organizer Matt Boettke. Highlights will include Mister Matthews aka Matthew Regula, whose homemade synthesizers were recently the subject of a Vice Magazine online feature. Pure Matrix is a New York artist with records coming soon from influential labels L.I.E.S. and Light Dark Sounds. Jacob Knibb of Select DC will be performing as Rosemary Arp; he recently released a tape as part of Ascetic House’s January Program, in which the Arizona collective released a new tape every day of the month. Colorado ambient/electronic artist Radere returns to RVA this evening, and Philadelphia live techno artist Westov Temple of the Great Circles imprint will also perform. Friday’s program will be DJ’ed by Half Life, who runs NYC club night Industry of Machines.

Saturday, April 19, at Strange Matter (929 W. Grace St) is what Boettke calls “our classic all-day fest,” in which artists will be performing from 3 PM until after midnight. The plan is for upwards of 20 touring acts from all over the country to make appearances at Strange Matter. This will include performances from Ohio’s Blackfire, a collaborative effort by Skin Graft and Andrew Kirschner. Blackfire will soon be releasing a split with Japanese harsh noise artist K2, and both Kirschner and Skin Graft have solid reputations in their own right, so anticipation for this set is high. John Mannion of legendary Far Rockaway collective Red Light District (also the original homebase for Pharmakon and Yellow Tears) will be on hand as well, touring behind his critically acclaimed 2013 release, Slice Through Or/In Glassmetal, which is out on Aaron Dilloway’s Hanson Records. Shredded Nerve, who returns to Richmond in support of a double cassette on LA’s Chondritic Sound, will also be on this bill. Other highlights will include Delaware’s Telescope, featuring the legendary Mike Haley of Electric Human Project/905 Tapes fame; Providence’s Mincemeat Or Tenspeed, who’ve enraptured Richmond house show crowds in the past; Baltimore’s Max Eilbacher, who recently released an LP on Spectrum Spools; and of course, Boston’s Hunnie Bunnies, featuring Mark Johnson of Bang! Bros. Plus many more! Whew.

Sunday, April 20, begins with an in-store performance at Steady Sounds (322 W. Broad St), commemorating the release of the latest set of tapes from Richmond Tape Club–which is also run by Fest co-organizer Jonathan Lee. Westov Temple of Great Circle will be DJ-ing this show, and brand new copies of the Richmond Tape Club’s latest releases, all from artists performing at the fest–including Stephen Vitiello, Brandon Hurtado, Mutwawa, Matt Boettke (under his own name), and Anduin–will be available for purchase. This special in-store show will kick off at 1 PM.

Then at 3, it’s back to Strange Matter for another marathon of experimental noise! Prolific LA noise artist Crowhurst, a project headed by Jay Gambit and ranging in sound from ambient and harsh noise to black metal and psychedelic jams, will be a big highlight for this evening. NYC’s Compactor and Privilege will also perform, and J. Slusher and Derek Rush, the artists behind these two projects, will also be the DJs for this show. Chester Hawkins of DC’s Blue Sausage Infant will be performing as well, with a set Matt Boettke describes as “complex and highly skilled modular synth and electronics compositions.” Speaking of synths, Myconids is the Baltimore-based duo of Karl Ekdahl and Zoe Burke, who build their own synthesizers and run the KNAS synth brand out of their Baltimore headquarters. We can certainly expect some interesting sounds from this set. Pennsylvania noise legends Drums Like Machine Guns will also be playing this show, along with New Yorker Tinnitusstiumlus; both of these groups have certainly proven their worth with past RVA sets, and will be welcomed with open arms upon their return to Strange Matter.

And that’s not all! With over 50 artists scheduled to appear during these three days in April, RVA Noise Fest III is an embarrassment of riches for fans of sonic extremes. Check out the full lineup below, RSVP to the Facebook event, and keep an eye on that page, because the word from the organizers is that even more acts will be added to the bill over the next two months! Sheesh!

The full lineup for RVA Noise Fest III is as follows:

Blackfire (OH)
Pure Matrix (NY)
Crowhurst (CA)
Westov Temple (PA)
Mister Matthews (NY)
John Mannion (NY)
Shredded Nerve (OH)
Mincemeat or Tenspeed (RI)
Jason Crumer (MD)
Spiritual Recess (RI)
Hunnie Bunnies (PA)
Drums Like Machine Guns (PA)
Rosemary Arp (DC)
Compactor (NY)
Privilege (NY)
Radere (CO)
The Second Sun (NY/LA)
Developer (OH)
Moltar (WV)
Tinitusstimulus (NY)
Telescope (DE)
Clavicula Salomnis (OH)
Noise Bros (PA)
Myconids (MD)
Max Eilbacher (MD)
Radiator Greys (DC)
Gene Pick (MD)
Pleasure Island (PA)
Anna-Stina (NY)
Malcriado (RI)
Chester Hawkins (DC)
Tagcloud (DC)
Slow Machete (DC)
Nu Depth (VA)
Stress Orphan (VA)
Andere (CO/RVA)
Stephen Vitiello + Bobby Donne (RVA)
Floodbeast (RVA)
H.B. (RVA)
Dreams & Death (RVA)
Stone Garden Jam Temple (RVA)
Mutwawa (RVA)
New Loft (RVA)
Dyrt (RVA)
Elian (RVA)
Brandon Hurtado (RVA)
Monolith Zero (RVA)
I.G.M. (RVA)
Slow News Day In The Vampire World (RVA)
Claire (RVA)
Fake Object (RVA)
Inkling Juror (RVA)
Anduin (RVA)
Lugweight (RVA)
Thieves Of Shiloh (RVA)
Flesh Control (RVA)
Scant (RVA)

…with more TBA!


Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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