Haunted in the Heart of RVA: Restaurant Seeks Exorcist

by | Jan 16, 2018 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

A recent Craigslist post caught our eye with its unusual request—a restaurant in Richmond’s Fan District is on the hunt for an “exorcist.” Yes, you read that right. It seems this small local spot is dealing with what they’ve described as a “demonic attack,” and they’re calling on anyone with the chops for casting out otherworldly spirits to help them out.

The concept of exorcism, though it might seem a bit old-school, isn’t completely out of the picture in modern times. Remember the infamous case from the 1940s involving Roland Doe, a boy in Maryland? His story inspired the spine-tingling film The Exorcist in 1973. Fast forward to today, and it looks like those eerie vibes have drifted down to River City.

Saint Francis Borgia Performing an Exorcism. Painting by Goya

The restaurant’s ad paints a vivid picture: strange smells, ghostly appearances, sudden cold patches, and an overall eerie atmosphere. They’re pretty open-minded about who takes the job—they’re just looking for someone serious and dedicated, with a hint of experience in the supernatural. If that’s you, they’re ready to talk turkey (or whatever the compensation might be).

On a more esoteric note, if you’re diving into this ghost-busting adventure, you might be dealing with Azazel—a name you might recognize from ancient scripts as a fallen angel. He’s also tied to the “scapegoat” rite from ancient Judaism, where sins were symbolically placed on a goat sent off a cliff—quite the dramatic exit!

This whole situation could be seen as a metaphor for the challenges the restaurant faces—maybe it’s not just the spirits that need exorcising but perhaps those steep prices on the menu too. Either way, it sounds like an intriguing opportunity for anyone in the exorcism game, or just looking to spice up their resume.

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