Best of RVA Missed Connections 9/10-9/16

by | Sep 16, 2014 | COMMUNITY, POLITICS

Comic cons, house shows, and random poetry dominate the missed connections this week, perhaps indicating that VCU’s fall semester is well and truly underway.

Comic cons, house shows, and random poetry dominate the missed connections this week, perhaps indicating that VCU’s fall semester is well and truly underway. Then again, it’s not like the usual quotient of gym rats and customers hitting on servers has declined to any appreciable extent. Just another week of lovelorn anxiety for the citizens of RVA.

I’d tell you all to overcome your shyness and actually talk to these people in person, in the moment, but I have two good reasons for not giving that advice. 1: I never follow it myself. 2: I totally love reading these things every week. So on second thought, keep posting the Missed Connections, RVA!

Baroness at Comic Con – m4w (Richmond)

You were dressed as the Baroness at the Richmond Comic Con and looked amazing. I was dressed a normal preppy dude, even though I am anything but that. Seeing you in that outfit made me want to shave my head, paint my face silver, and become an arms dealer. Cobra has always been my favorite terrorist organization (much cooler than Al Qaeda and ISIS), so let’s get a drink and talk about ruling the world together. Knowing is half the battle, but knowing you would be even better.

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The manager at the Chester Starbucks – w4m (Chester)

You are the tall, 30ish year old man who always greets me in the morning. I don’t even know where to begin with you. I’d love to just be held in those muscular arms. I’d love to just watch you smile as your perfect teeth glimmer. I’d love to watch you make me a latte wearing only that apron 😉

You are the perfect specimen. You truly put the “man” in manager.

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shadow. ((behind and beneath))

(As a friendly note
So as not to give
False hope
Or dread:
The person
To whom this
is dedicated

I hunger and I thirst
By this distance
I’m cursed.

Got a need,
You got a fill.

Tantalus teased,
I’m graspin
For trees.

Time might heal,
But it’s been too long.

In longing.

Before I leave
Give me some seeds.

To Hades.

Go ahead-
Take me under.

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Barefoot Amanda at Granby House – m4w (N Granby)

Amanda, thick brown hair, bright red lipstick, zipper pocket on your t-shirt, super short cutoffs exposing your left thigh’s panther woman warrior rose tattoo, no shoes, cosmetologist

The last thing you said to me was that you’d ‘be right back’ and then I was immediately asked to help carry a monitor to my friend’s car. (I’ve always been too nice to decline helping a friend). I returned as some cop cars filled the alley where we had just been. Fuck! Chaos! What do I do now?! I don’t know where my cosmic spirit partner in crime went!

I enjoyed every second of our time together – our energies clicked and I’m still buzzing from one of the most surreal nights of my life. I’ve never before had so much fun committing to the flow of random circumstances, practicing healthy immediacy.

I had no agenda whatsoever. Despite feeling pulls from my primal lizard brain, I wanted to see how things played out. I should’ve kissed you (you surprised me with one and I owed you something equally genuine). I went home alone and I was still the luckiest guy at the party 🙂 Rock!

I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to experience your glow. It left such a strong impression on my being that I’m writing this in hopes to reconnect. I couldn’t just wonder if I’d ever run into you again, so I’m letting the universe know that I miss you.

If you’re reading this and know of who I’ve described, whether or not you were at the house show last night (Friday, Sept 12 at 9 N Granby), please pass a link along to Amanda so we can go get coffee, exchange phone numbers, and be super cute together. Thanks!!

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Stong, Silent Type – w4m – 35 (Gold’s Gym Laburnum)

I see you at the gym all the time, but I never see you working out. You must be there busting ass in the off hours because you’re totally ripped. Whenever I look over near the cable machine, there you are. You never make eye contact, but I can tell you know I’m watching (and I’m pretty sure you like it.)

You’re never snobby, but come across more like some strangely-inspiring bronzed god who silently encourages all of us to work harder, look higher, and to lift and sweat until we just can’t take anymore. I did a little internet stalking and found out that your name is Pete. I’m not sure it suits you, but “Apollo” and “Adonis” are a little outdated, so it’s all good.

Anyway, I like seeing you there every day. If you ever need someone to help spot your form, HMU.

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dark skin waitress at village cafe – m4w – 23 (downtown )

I wasnt sure wher i wanted to sit. So i ask u to show me the way. But i was waiting for a friend. But wanted u so bad behind my dark oil drum oakley glasses. . If u c this i hope to hear frm u. Mabe after your shift we cud get up. Your secret kool with me.

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You made me bleed – m4w

I cam to your place of work and you made me bleed. I thought you were pretty cute. Tell me something we talked about.

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Im on top, you’re on bottom – w4m – 22 (RVA)

I was hovering over you as you laid dead in the sewer system of RVA. I hope you read this you sexy bitch.

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VCU KK’s friend – m4w

You and two of your homegirls came out of Off The Hooka. You were with your homegirl KK and some hating, cockblocking tall blonde! I feel like an idiot because this is the second time I’ve seen you and let you walk away without approaching. The first time was outside of Baja’s. Both times i was standing by the taxi cab with my partner and KK stopped and talked to us for a second. This is a long shot I know, but for you its worth it

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