Come sample Legend’s special seasonal releases Thursday night at Cleveland Market!

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Cleveland Market will be hosting a tasting party for this season’s special releases from Legend Brewing tomorrow night!

Cleveland Market will be hosting a tasting party for this season’s special releases from Legend Brewing tomorrow night! Come out and join Ashley between 6 and 9 to sample the following delicious craft beers:

Hoovale Spiced Holiday Ale
The Urban Legend argues Charlottesville was the inspiration for Dr. Suess’ children’s book, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” This timeless tale references the “Whos down in Whoville,” whom UVA affiliates interpret as the “Hoos down in Hooville.” Those who embrace the legend believe Dr. Suess applied to the University of Virginia, but when he was not accepted, he decided to live in a house way up on the hill to look down on the University. This reflects the story of the Grinch that lives atop a mountain above Hooville, looking down on the town with anger and disgust. To illustrate this tale, Legend collaborated with Starr Hill from Charlottesville, VA, to create the HooVale: a Spiced Holiday Ale brewed with cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla beans.

RIP Ale (a Red IPA)
The R.I.P. Ale sheds light on the urban legend of the NoVA Bunny Man. Incidents identified a man dressed in a bunny suit who terrorized and intimidated Northern Virginia residents. He bludgeoned possessions with an axe and induced fear in the community with his savage behavior. The R.I.P. Ale is a Red IPA made in collaboration with Lost Rhino Brewing Company. Specialty malts evoke a soft, drinkable profile, while Amarillo and Chinook hops add a tropical aroma and piney bitterness. This brew comes in at 7.0% alc by vol. It is available on draft and in 22oz bottles.

Legend Chocolate Porter
Porter by standard description is a rich, sweet ale that is not easily seen through. Porter by Legend standards exceeds these parameters slightly. Legend Chocolate Porter takes on a new level of Porterness. We were generous in our additions of dark malts for this brew. These include Caramel and Chocolate malts, as well as our standard “Porter malts”. The addition of natural cocoa extract at filtering time gives this brew a strong choco-nose and a deep lingering Wonkaesque finish. German Tettenang hops are used for a clean balancing bitterness. Expect a dark black beer with a rich and sweet aromatic presence. The flavor is of dark chocolate, coffee, caramel, and more dark chocolate.

It’s all happening Thursday, December 4 at Cleveland Market, located at 801 N. Cleveland St, at the corner of Cleveland and Franklin in the Museum District. If you haven’t sampled these brews, do yourself a favor and come see what they’re all about.

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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