Best of RVA Craigslist Missed Connections 4/14-20

by | Apr 21, 2015 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

This missed connections gig is a job hazard- today alone there were four whose pictures were just straight up porn. They also leave you wondering certain things like why would a 42-year-old man try to get with someone starting as a VCU freshman this year? How does one get ‘sort of’ hit by a train? What is the underground world of furries like? Why do so many missed connections have to drag in the poor, innocent dogs? What is a ‘discreet oral pleasure’? And, of course, what the fuck is ‘man stuff’?

Find out all that and more on this week’s best of missed connections.

(an *asterisk denotes an entry with an attached image that is porn, both for cataloging and NSFW purposes)

looking for a younger male friend to hang out with (richmond /westend)

i’m cool normal fit white dude

looking for one guy to be friends with to do men stuff

I’m very discreet. very clean looking for lite skin black or asian

i’m looking for 18 to 35

I’m white short 5 ft 4in im 40ish — 140 lbs, ddf

you be slim to avg. fit

Send —pictures– age and stats

i’m close to westend i can host or come to you

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Mt pleasant – m4w – 38

I accidentally saw your ass, that was funny. We chatted for a while, I was on the fence about asking for your number due to you visiting from out of town .

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Hebrews 12 11 – m4w – 42 (Providence)

Yesterday was you first day on the job doing it by yourself. You are also a VCU freshman this year. If the title didn’t get your attention then you are obviously not the girl that I am seeking to connect with. If it did then reply back and lets talk some more. I will be up there again next week but don’t really want to wait until then to chat more.

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Sexy White Female With Puppy Named Harvey – m4w (Richmond)

Damn you are sexy as hell!!!! In your white dress to your sexy shorts. I have seen you at dog park a few times. Just not sure if you are single or not. If you are into a dominate white man then make sure you reply to this ad if you ever see it. So I will know it’s you reply with what your puppy is a mix of. I would love to see where things can go!!!!

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Nice package in Petersburg – m4m (Petersburg)

Noticed you crossing the street with a chick Saturday afternoon late about 7:30pm in front of the conveninte store across from valero gas station in Petersburg

Nice pair of legs & package in those shorts

Ever wanna unlease that package let me know what color shorts and shirt you were wearing

White guy as well

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This worthless human is back at it people. I have seen her driving around with her fat junkie friends. She will take your money, she will give you diseases, she will lie to your face, she will blame all of her problems on others. She lies about a dead father, she neglected her dog when we lived in the same building and probably still does, the state gives her disability because shes a junkie. This person is the worst!!! Do not feed into her bullshit. She is NOT clean! She will fuck you over any chance she gets… Beware of this horrible person. She is a sketchy dog abusing scum bag!!!

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Sort of hit by a train – m4w – 44 (Chester)

Met you early one morning after you were sort of hit by a train in Chester a couple of weeks ago. You said I had “pretty eyes”. I gave you my number and have not heard back from you. Please email me… would love to see how you are doing and take you out for a drink. Reply with your name and where you work. Look forward to hearing from you.

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dentist’s – m4w (Richmond)

body : thin

Thanks for working on me again this afternoon. You got my cavity but you still didn’t give me a “filling” 🙂

And it’s okay if the appointment is long. I feel so comfortable beneath you. You must know how soothing it is when you touch my mouth. and when you tell me what to do with it.

you might know who I am already? (I’m a boy but you aren’t, both in our 20s) – if you want another clue just ask or give me a clue so I know who you are

if you or your friends or someone wants a boy toy to use, I’m here. I’ll follow whatever you say

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Guy at the gym Standing back from urinal – m4m – 28 (Golds Gym)

You noticed that I was checking out your bulge. I couldn’t help but stare and I noticed you went to the restroom after adjusting yourself. My curiosity got the best of me and I followed you in. You started to P at the urinal and stick back so I can get a full view of your huge dick. How big are you man? I didn’t say anything at the time. You want to show off again? Or have anybody that you the same thing?

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Sexy men at Lowes – m4m (Short Pump)*

Lots of hotties today at Lowes. If any of you are up for some discreet oral pleasures, hit me up. WM, 53, fit, clean and able to host.

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Sexy black girl rolling a blunt n the parking lot – m4w – 30 (walgreens on hopkins parking lot)

Real- tonight (saturday19,) i pulled up on a cute black girl rollin a blunt in the car. I wanted to say something….. As i was just spraying down the car from smoking…… But i didnt wanna intrude. We looked at each other and u were really attractive. We can match one day…. I was the cute black guy. If u see this… What kinda car were u in….

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Flat tire – m4m (Highland Springs)

You work for a service company and came to my house to change a tire. You have a great smile and attitude. Your equipment wasn’t working and seemed to be having a challenging evening. You shook my hand a few more times than normal which was cool for me. Would have been happy to show my appreciation for your help by getting on my knees. You even fixed the equipment and came back to wrap things up. Let me know if I can return the favor and help you.

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