Best of RVA Craigslist Missed Connections 4/21-4/27

by | Apr 28, 2015 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

This week feels like deja vu all over again. We do this most weeks, and most of the time and the missed connections are similar because they all fall into the same couple tropes: i saw a hot guy, i saw a hot girl, there was a pretty employee who was nice to me because its their job, i love my ex, i hate my ex, ONE IN ALL CAPS, weird phrasing, weird hookup, and of course, “man stuff.”

The only thing fresh this time is the what the beautiful “female meat cutter” brings to the table. Grit your teeth through the stale in this week’s best of missed connections.

looking for joe was in line at lowes – m4m (richmond /westend)

i’m cool normal fit white dude
looking for one guy to be friends with to do men stuff
I’m very discreet. very clean looking for lite skin black or asian
i’m looking for 18 to 35
I’m white short 5 ft 4in im 40ish — 140 lbs, ddf
you be slim to avg. fit
Send —pictures– age and stats
i’m close to westend i can host or come to you

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Parents of that baby Joe Morrissey’s been hanging out with – m4mw (United States)

I know paying gigs have been a problem for Joe Morrissey lately and you probably feel bad for him, right? So maybe you’re letting him babysit to help him make some extra cash? I get where you’re coming from, is what I’m saying, and it’s not like he’s a convicted felon or anything (yet). But all that said, I feel like you should know he took your baby to a bar last night.

I assume it was your baby, anyway. I know it can’t be his baby because he said he never had sex with the mother, and besides the mother of that other baby (that isn’t his) won’t be old enough to enter a bar for a long while yet.

No judgments here. It’s not like the baby was smoking cigarettes or anything. And there were no obvious lesbian hackers around, either.

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Attractive female working at Alverser Drive Goodwill – m4w (Midlothian)

I was shopping around 11am at Alverser Drive Goodwill location in Midlothian this morning. I am a cross dresser. I was all dressed up in white fuzzy sweater, white sparkly gown, full length lynx fur. You gave a compliment on my fur coat. By saying, that’s a cool coat. I responded by saying thank you. I thought you were very attractive. I would love to be friends with and get to know you. My hobbies interests-include shopping, dressing up, movies, soap operas, sports, working out. If slight possibility you are reading this and interested in being friends. Please respond and put new friends in subject line.

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Ex gf – w4w

You dated me for 10 months, almost 30 years old and still gets money from your mom. I supported your white trash ass because I loved you with everything and then I walked in on you fucking your ex girlfriend hours before you were planning on getting your hair done, my treat.

I’m so glad I saw your lazy ass with your alcoholic old lady looking ex, laying in bed like a bunch of trailer hicks because now I have more money and I’m not taking care of someone who treats people like shit.

I hope you realize that so many people hate you and think of you as garbage. I would rather get bitten by a black widow spider on my face then see your trashy slutty cunt face again.

And the people say, ahmen


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Crazy thirsty Thursday. – m4m – 27 (Buford & Huguenot)

Crazy night. We hooked up behind your place. You are married and I had no idea. I admonished you for being married and your political stance. I swore I would never do this but I can’t stop thinking about that night. Let’s talk some more. I swear I’m less judgmental than I came off that night. Plus I owe you for spending all that money on uber. Let me know where exactly we left things off so I can make sure it’s you.

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moving from VB 3 year ago to Brandermill – m4m – 30 (brandermill/timber ridge rs)


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Cute girl who used to work at waffle house – m4w – 29 (vcu)

You used to work at waffle house by vcu, but you quit before i got a chance to ask you out. You were a pretty prettty princess for haloween.

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You were renovating your loft. – m4m (Fan)

You were redoing your loft and had me over… I wore panties for you and we got off together… I want to meet up again… Did you ever get your TV hung?

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I was smoking on my balcony – m4m (vcu/monroe ward)

I was smoking on my balcony, we caught eyes a couple times. You had grey hair and looked pretty tall. Wish you had said hi 😉 if somehow you actually see this, shoot me an email.

In case you see a lot of guys on balconies – i’m upper twenties, in good shape, reddish hair, and was wearing my red workout sweatpants.

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Yellow Cobalt Cutie, Shannon Hill 64 – m4w (Shannon Hill I64)

You were driving a yellow Cobalt, you looked fine and kept me entertained while driving. You waived when you got off your exit. Tell me what I was driving and send me a picture, maybe we can chat or meet up.

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food lion buford ct – m4w

You are the female meat cutter…I think you are absolutely beautiful..would like to get to know you

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Shady Grove YMCA – m4m (Glen Allen)

To the bald, bearded guy who works in the pool. I just wanted to let you know that you’re sexy as hell. I’ve been in swimming laps when you’ve been working, and I am a huge fan. Let me know if you want to get together for a drink sometime. I definitely want to know what you’re hiding under those shorts! I may need some mouth to mouth!

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”you’re beautiful and I hope your day…” – w4mw (lamplighter)

Here’s the thing. Tossing a hand written note on my table from behind me and then scurrying away before I even knew you were there… it creeped me out. I was afraid to turn around and catch you in case you would interpret it as an opportunity to interact with me. But now I don’t know who you are or what your intentions were with that little note.

I admit I’m a little flattered, but really, what was your best case scenario? That I would see the note and feel touched by the sentiment, and we would make eye contact and it would be the start of a beautiful relationship?

I don’t know. Maybe you just thought you were doing something sweet and uplifting for another human being. I don’t even know what gender or age you are, much less what you look like. Maybe you give notes like that to everyone, and that’s your thing. Okay.

I’m just saying, your method of delivery made me pretty uncomfortable. If you wanna give cute notes to people, cool, be sly about it, but don’t sneak up on them. Be casual but confident, not… creepy.

Thanks. It was a nice note, but I would have liked to have glimpsed the messenger at least.

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