Musicians Wanted – Best of Craigslist Bandmate posts July 2014

by | Jul 25, 2014 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

After the success of our Craigslist missed connections posts, we thought we’d set our sights on one of RVA’s other loneliest pursuits – forming a band.

So once a month, we’ll round up some of the best CL ads seeking musicians. Maybe you’ll find your next jam-mate, or the perfect bass player. Or maybe you’ll find out how racist and homophobic some people really are, no matter what kind of music they want to play.

Either way, join us as we wade through the murky waters of people too lonely to find bandmates from their friend circle.

Best guitar player you’ve ever heard now auditioning bands (Brandermill) 7/5

Best guitar player you’ve ever heard seeks commanding role with professional band that has or intends to have a large international following. Age is unimportant as long as no one is older than 26 years and the only one that old should ideally be the bass player. Singer must be 23 (older than me, but no more than one year). Anyone considered will embrace drama and all the tension that transforms a really good band into a legendary one. Let’s get one thing out of the way immediately. I make ALL the decisions. I will hire a manager that will listen to me and enforce my vision. That said, the better looking you are (assuming you can actually play), the better your chances are of co-decision making in the future. I am writing and producing originals now, but to start out, we will be playing a select group of obscure covers that will be played note-for-note to the fidelity of the original recordings, including fade outs. This list will include Smoke on the water (just the intro riff since that’s all I know so far), Master of Puppets (the slow part), and the ENITRE song Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love (INCLUDING the solo, played by me).

A little about me: I am 22, and have sacrificed money and my own place to spend all day, every day working toward my goals of super stardom living in my mom and dad’s house. Because of this, I have no car, but we can practice at my place. My mom and dad have a HUGE finished basement that I have transformed into my studio. I have two Marshall stacks, and play them both all the time so please have gear that can compete with them. Drummers, please have full mic set for your kit and your own PA to be at proper volume. I’ve been called a child prodigy and have kept Guitar Player magazine up to date with what’s going on with me, so there’s that. As soon as I have a band ready to go, I’m sure we’ll get exposure through them. All that’s missing is you. As long as you can cut it. And if I find out you can’t, I will find another you, only one that’s actually good and I don’t make fun of.

Let’s do this.

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need a drummer look no further (Richmond)


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guitar/synth/vocal looking for band/jam (midlothian) 7/13

rhythm(a little lead) guitar, synth and limited vocals available for original band for laid back MATURE FUN. looking to play 1x a week(at most) do some covers but mostly originals. I am 40+ M been playing about 25 years. I am NOT into drugs. just looking to hang out and make some music. I have my own equipment. I like rock, alt rock, classic rock, classical, reggae, punk, metal, a little country etc..

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White or Asian singer into R&B, Pop, etc. (RVA) 7/13

A WHITE or ASIAN singer that doesn’t mind singing with a BLACK person…please sing well & be between the age of 16-19. contact me for more details.

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Singer rock band (Powhatan) 7/11

Rock band looking for singer between 28 and 40 something. No dick heads or fags, I know that slims it down but you are still reading, good! Stage presence, good range and attitude are the scores. We have a PA with monitors. Don’t fuck around! Check your calendar, check your other half, check yourself and only then, reply.

Here is some of the material.

•Creed- What If
•3 Doors Down- Kryptonight
•Alice In Chains- Would
•Silver Chair- Tomorrow
•STP- Sex Type Thing
•Buck Cherry- Lit Up
•Tommy Tutone- Jenny
• The Black Crowes- Twice as Hard
•Puddle Of Mud- Drift and Die
•Alice in Chains- Man in a Box

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Punk Bassist Needs Band 7/16

Looking to join or start a band. Great equipment.
Been playing for a LOOOOOONG time.
Descendents, ALL, GG Allin, SNFU, NOFX, 7 Seconds.
No drugs.
No kids.
Must wanna play out & record.
Experience is a must.

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State Fair of Virginia exploiting musicians! (Richmond) 7/11

They charge admission to the event, they charge for rides, they charge for food. The vendors and operators and administrators all get paid. Musicians? You get nothing and you’ll like it! And please make good use of your 15 minutes to get set up. I’m so sure your monitor mix will be dandy.

Don’t fall for this! It’s an outrageous exploitation of local musicians. Have self-respect and don’t set the going rate for your group at $0!

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Not looking to play….. 7/21

…..the same shit everyone else is playing. There are plenty of classic rock bands in the Richmond area. Looking for mates to do something a little different. Doesn’t matter if its a start up band or an existing band. Hit me up with some of your ideas. I’m open to most types of music. Bass player with pro gear and committed to the right group of guys/gals

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Decent Lead Guitar Wanted (Mechanicsville, VA) 7/21

Wanted: Reasonably decent LEAD guitarist who likes to play covers from the 80’s, 90’s, and today for Curbside Collective (see us on Facebook and ReverbNation)

Great range of songs, only to get better (and more rock influenced) with your contribution.

If you can sing, that’s even better, but no worries if not.

Terms: Practice once a month, gig once a month. Subject to change, but probably not.

Pay: Most times next to nothing, usually good and tasty co…ld beverages. It’s more for the fun and love of performing.

We have standing performance invitations at the RIC marathon and Ukrops 10k (and other local events).

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Guitarist looking for an original music band (Midlothian) 7/20

Looking for any bands that are into writing music..I enjoy Blues/Rock/Jazz…doesn’t really matter.. My gear sucks and my time is limited,,LOL..Just my hobby,,

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Bass player looking: Nick Cave, Swans, Scientists… (Richmond)

PJ Harvey, etc.

I’m 45 and I’m hoping to make some swampy noise with like-minded individuals. Thanks for reading.

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