Restaurant in Former Cous Cous Space Opens, Closes in Same Night

by | Jun 7, 2017 | COMEDY

RICHMOND, VA. — Two nights ago the Richmond food scene welcomed the new American-French fusion breakfast-for-dinner tapas restaurant Leftovers Bestovers in a prime VCU campus location on the corner of Schafer and West Franklin Streets.

The space, which was made famous by the much-loved Cous Cous restaurant, had been searching for a new tenant for some time after serving brief stints as a burger joint and ramen spot. However the night took a turn when, only four hours into their soft opening, Leftovers Bestovers announced that they would be shutting down due to a lack of patronage and enthusiasm, despite their opening night being completely packed. 

The announcement was met by the full house with an air of disappointment mixed with knowing acceptance. Some patrons were just about to bite into a spoonful of deconstructed waffle batter drizzled with paleo blueberry roughage when the news broke. One woman loudly announced, while wiping locally sourced maple syrup off her fingers, “I always knew this cute little spot couldn’t make it.”

After all of the attendees had been ushered from the premises, this reporter overheard a man on the phone saying “Oh man, you know what was just, like, too good to be true, was this little breakfast-for-dinner tapas spot. No, they closed pretty quickly, but, like, for a while it was a real Richmond spot.” 

Despite the misfortune, restaurant owner Elias Brown said that he still believes the concept for the eatery was sound.

“There is no question that there is a market in this city for small plate French toast and truffle grits, but we just couldn’t make it work in this seemingly ideal location.”

When reached for comment, the building’s managing company responded with this statement: “How a restaurant sandwiched between VCU Monroe Park campus housing, the library, and the main lecture halls can’t make a profit is just beyond me.”

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