Best Of VA Missed Connections June 16 – June 22

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Welcome to another week of Missed Connections, where starting things off on a down note is just another aspect of life’s rich pageant. Don’t worry though, folks — like Monica Lewinsky said to the HBO Max intern, it gets better!

This week we’ve got everything from craft beer hunks to long-ago coworkers, as well as a great example of poor, punctuation-free writing having the effect of burying one of the most entertaining sentences I’ve seen on Craigslist in a while. But maybe I just have a weird sense of humor.

By the way, there’s at least one Missed Connection post in this week’s batch that deserves to be optioned as a movie, Zola-style. Keep your eyes peeled for it.

Meet me at the Shell station, Virginia.

When youve had enough of life (Richmond)

Take care Richmond.

Long shot, Sears coworker 15ish years ago? (Regency)

15 years ago I worked at the Sears in Regency in the optical department. There was this girl who worked in the children’s or women’s department. Always at the register. When I first started working there I noticed her. She was way too pretty to be working at a place like that. I was 20 at the time and I think she was a little older than me.

I never had the balls to talk to her or ask her out but we would exchange smiles. She later started dating the loss prevention person.

The two of them got arrested because the loss prevention guy was robbing the place blind and they were dating at the time. I always wondered what happened to her. I honestly don’t even remember her name.

I don’t even know why she came up in my mind so many years later. I always regretted never getting to know her better or at the very least asking her out. I was new to town and didn’t really know anybody.

Oh well. This is more of a rant anyways.

My New friend in Manassas (Manassas)

You wanted to meet at the Shell gas station on Hastings Dr. But I couldn’t meet you.

Then I hit u up to meet me at the Burger King next to KFC/Taco Bell but you didn’t see my message in time.

You told me you have been busy with work. You are in the plumbing profession.

If you see this let’s try again. Email me, you don’t seem to be responding to mh emails.

Harris Teeter (Reston)

Yesterday afternoon (around 4:45) – very pretty asian woman, dressed in black (for a workout maybe?), wings/angel tattoo on the back of your neck. We crossed paths a few times. Hit me up if you’d like to talk (I was in the dark blue tshirt and tan shorts).

G. Wash Mem Hywy FOOD LION Cashier (Yorktown)

Had to try….I was picking up a few things last evening around 930 pm at the Food Lion on George Washington Memorial Highway…..was fortunate enough to have an awesome checkout clerk who I loved seeing and chatting with….asking if I was sure I was 21 and offering my ID if you needed it (secretly hoping you would say yeah lemme see and say oh nice great age :)~ We were discussing seltzer and cider and wishing I was going to drink that 12 pack you showed me with you…as I am sure you heard me say it looks delicious…so did the seltzer ;)~ Would love to drink a few together sometime if you are available and interested in an older fun friendly man who I am certain you know was enjoying your company and scenery for that short time and would love to enjoy LOTS more of it 😉

Wawa at atm (Petersburg)

You very fit black male me fit white male there was a problem with the ATM we talked about it wanted to say more but people were waiting tell me what was different with your pants

Craft Beer Hunk (Brookland)

To the guy serving me beer the other day… you seemed a little stressed and sweaty. You recommended the New England IPA. I told you I was from New England just visiting for the weekend. We both laughed and you spilled a little bit of beer as you poured it for me. So subtle. So cute.

Hoping you see this…I was the guy in a Carson Palmer jersey.

Wanted to talk more on the flight (Alexandria)

We were talking on the flight. You said something funny about the seat in front of me that got us laughing. What was it? Would love to talk to you more!

You=younger F at Nalls market and commented on my ride last year (Berryville)

I know this is HUGE longshot..but you commented on my ride as I pulled up! Love your attitude and def love the haircut! :). I hope you see this….tell me what I was driving/or riding…lol
Wish you could have joined me…I offered…:)
Reach out if you see this…what ya got to lose!?

Kroger Bar (Midlothian)

You: attractive. White short, shorts that you wear damn well. Brunette hair, and just overall very attractive (have I said that already?!). Sitting with another lady and a gentleman.

Me: you tell me….. 😉

River Lofts Train Truss / Dog Walker (Shockoe / Church Hill)

You’re gorgeous! You walked by me with your pup, wearing black yoga pants. You smiled. I had a book and was on the phone. Want to walk together sometime?

Manager (Richmond)

Long shot but hoping my boss checks here. There has been almost a connection that I’m not sure if I’m misreading. We’re always off on the same days. We tease all day. Let me know if this is you.

Top Photo by Duncan Sanchez on Unsplash.

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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