Best Of VA Missed Connections October 20 – October 26

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Hey, welcome to another week of Missed Connections, where the looming shadow of Halloween envelops our entire week. If you’re still trying to figure out what sort of costume you’re gonna wear this year, you might need a momentary escape from these sartorial anxieties. Rest assured, that’s exactly what we’ve got for you in this week’s installment of Missed Connections.

After all, why worry about whether you should break your witch costume from three years ago back out when you could be reading entertaining tales of the airport hotel bar, or hearing about the romantic encounters of Rosie’s patrons? If you lost your last quarter but found a brand new crush, this week is for you!

We’ve also got tales of random kisses from strangers at the bar, making eyes at fellow grocery store patrons, and using a woman’s cute dress to spark up a flirtation between two guys. But my favorite this week is definitely the one about the female Mormon missionaries. Do the Mormons even allow female missionaries? I had no idea.

Stay informed, Virginia.

Lauren (Far west end)

I think we’re both sufficiently intrigued. Give me a sign so that I know we’re on the same page with this. It could be a lot of fun.

“Love Is” t-shirt (Richmond)

Locked eyes with you a few times tonite and then you had to leave. Would love to have been able to talk. If you see this message me back.

Scottsville Food Lion (Scottsville)

Repost since OM was removed. Smh.

Back in Sept, saw you (about 6ft+ tall, 190lbs athletic build, dreads, full beard, dark tan skin, incredibly good looking) in food lion. I was the white female who made eye contact several times but was too shy to speak. Every time I go back, I look for you, to no avail. If you see this (long shot) would like to speak with you.

**If you don’t fit the description, do not email me and waste each other’s time)

Tatted girl Staunton Vintage Jewelry (Staunton,VA)

You were cute let me know if you need any help.

Looking for Clay from Rosies (Midlothian turpike)

Looking for Clay (w/m tall beard)
Me: w/f 5’5 blonde

We met gambling at Rosies, I was with friends
Talked about getting together


Waitress at Firebirds (Robious Corridor)

Happy houred at Firebirds last week. Sat outside and was helped by the cutest little waitress. Petite brunette; tiny waist and very impressive figure. It felt like there was a connection and I would love to talk more. Do you remember the make-up of out party?

Kissed at the bar twice and walked away (Woodbridge)

In a bar in Woodbridge we joked briefly and for some reason kissed twice and walked away.

I’m brown M you’re white F

Not going to the bar for a while but a random wet one can happen anywhere

Delta Marriott Airport Hotel Bar (Norfolk)

Delta Hotel Norfolk Airport 19th Oct (Norfolk)
I think about you everyday.

The hotel bar to your room.

I don’t know why it ended the way it did.

You are one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.

A few very interesting hours followed by (who knows how long) of wondering…..

I should just be grateful for an amazing night but I still wish there was some way to connect with you again.

You have left an impression on me that I can’t seem to get past.

It’s a long shot but I had to try.

I hope I hear from you!

Walmart valleyview (Roanoke)

Saw you in walmart yesterday (Friday) around 4. Saw you a few times in domestics/housewares.
You had a great, long dark beard, beautiful eyes and lips. Don’t really remember what you were wearing, some sort of tee shirt.
I’m sure you’re straight, but if you jump the fence, hit me back.

Jack of Spades (Arlington)

You no longer have a full deck of cards because you lost your Jack of Spades. I have one for you.

Runner and I judging her dress (Rosslyn)

Yesterday, we had a brief connection. If this is you, send me a note, I’d love to connect. You were a fit older guy, me a fit younger guy.

You were walking next to me on the sidewalk getting ready for a run when a friend of mine turned the corner wearing a very unique dress. You overheard our interaction and her saying “don’t you love it on me?!” After she passed you turned to me and smiled and said, “did you really love it on her?” to which I responded “Well, I’d probably prefer you”.

I think I caught you off guard, but I sensed we had a connection. I would have enjoyed talking with you more. Send me a message. What color was her dress?

I would love to hear from you. We can keep this between us.

The Mormon Girls in Braddock (Alexandria)

To the two Mormon beautiful blonde women on mission in Alexandria, I would be more than willing to hear from you about your mission. And see if you are interested in what I have to offer to you.

The Wave (Vb)

I was trying to catch a wave when I seen you on the beach. I was to busy trying to clean the trash in the water to even notice you. I was upset frankly; Be honest with your self and others. You cant vouch for transparency but hide behind lies. Hope we can link up again on different terms.

Photo by Max Harlynking on Unsplash.

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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