Best of RVA Craigslist Missed Connections 3/25-4/1

by | Apr 2, 2015 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

The warm weather is here and everyone’s got spring fever. Your long lost love might be thinking about you too. Or maybe that girl in the Taco Bell drive-thru also thinks you’re her future soul mate. People are looking for love, or at least a good time, everywhere you look in RVA. Check out the best of this week’s missed connections and maybe get inspired to write your own.

Riki from da rouge club – m4w – 28 (richmond) 3/31

age : 28 body : fit height : 6’0″ (182cm) status : single

hi, my name is rusty but my friends call me baby cakes. dont no y they just do and at first i was like “da fuk?” but now i’m all like “whatever”

Anyways me and my dude friends gordo and wolfman (thats not his real name, kinda like baby cakes) went to this bitchin strip club in the great river city so we could see some gazongas and booty-things bounce around under some weird redish lights (wats up wit dat anyways?).

So we got to da club and made sure we tipped the lady taking the money cuz she was hella nice and didnt make a fat joke at my boy gordo. anyways I had to take a shit like it was nobodyz business so I hit the john and layed a couple of potatoes in the magic porsalen (sp?) wirlpool. But when I got out da bathroom I see like this angel pass by me and I was like “da fuk?” she was this magical mistress with black hair and a resting bitch face and not the kinda resting bitch face that makes you want to call a priest and carry yo ass to church but the kinda resting bitch face that makes you want to get to know it when it is not actively bitchifying everything its lookin at because it would probably be really pretty and make every one and everything around it smile like little babies gettin the shit tickled out of em.

So I meet up wit gordo who is trying to hard to not let the dancer hes talkin to see his obvius boner and wolfman is nowere to be found but fuck him ‘cuz I’m tryna holla at this beautiful girl with the black hair. So she starts to dance (and boy can she ever) and I notice she gotta bunch of tattoos like stars goin down her arm and shit and I find myself staring at them then I seem to get lost in space like actual space by looking at da stars on her arm and shit and I ask da dancer who has now noticed that gordos dong is bein a loser what dat dancers name is and she all like “Ricky” and I’m kinda pissed cuz I’m like “Ricky’s my dad’s name liaing ass bitch” (I didnt say the bitch part) and she was like naw r-i-k-k-i and I was like “Oh, like some porn stars do.” and she was like “Yeah and walked off.”

So Rikki if you reading this, hit me up. I think your special and we can have some good talks about love an lizards (I have 11 lizards at my house an theyd probably be stoked to meet you). Im a cool guy and hope your cool too. Hmu.

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We work together, you’re a supervisor – m4m – 30 (Office) 3/30
age : 30


We work in the same office. Not sure if you’re interested in men. You always seem invested in work. I just wanted to let you know that if you ever need to release, I’d be open to helping you. I’ll be very discreet.

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Looking for Freddy (Alfredo) – w4m 3/30

I know that at this point, I’m looking for a needle in a haystack but I need help locating Freddy (Alfredo). All I remember is that he was stationed in San Diego in 94/95.He was in the Navy. He was from Texas. He would be in his mid 40’s. At that time he drove a lowered red Nissan truck. He would hang around with a couple of guys named Christopher and Andrew. Any info would be helpful.

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We kept stealing glances – m4w 3/30

Moe’s tonight, you had on black tight pants and a beautiful butt. Someone wanted a cheese burrito. I’d love to meet you for some alone time. What color shirt did I have on? Your one hott MILF

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Tall Beefy Guy at Locker room – m4m – 22 (Vcu gym) 3/29
age : 22 body : athletic

Around this evening I saw you coming to the locker room. Man, you are just right. Very tall beefy white guy. You were getting undressed. Let me know who I am. What was I wearing? And what undies you were wearing?
Would like to workout with or be friends.

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Girl with black hair that had a lifequote tattoo on her right shoulder – m4w (Wild Rose) 3/29

I highly doubt you remember me, as you were very inebriated last night. I had asked you about your tattoo, but unfortunately you were past the point of even remembering what it said. I am a huge art fan, more specifically, body art. The reason behind that is, every tattoo has a story behind it. Some stupid, yes, but one like yours, yours has a deep meaning behind it. Be it a philosophical meaning, or a spiritual/emotional meaning, a tattoo like that means something special to you. I would love to hear the story behind it, what exactly drove you to get it in the first place? Was it a major life event such as a death of someone close to you?

I will say this bluntly: yes, you are absolutely beautiful. But, no, I am not looking to get into your pants. I’m looking to get into your mind. The mind is the most beautiful part of a person to me. It is who makes you, you. Also, I will state this: I do not care if we ever meet again, that is unless you wish to once learning who I am exactly, and what my intentions are.

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Sexy State Troopers at Wawa!! – w4m (Wawa by 288 on Broad) 3/27

Just wanna say thanks for being in there tonight. Y’all were so sexy. I walked in around 930ish and immediately noticed both of you. Who doesn’t like a little eye candy?! I was the tall blonde that walked in… Anyway you two cuties have yourselves a good night 😉

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Random Rainy Day – m4w (Richmond) 3/27

You were a naughty sexy teacher that wanted to get out of your bubble, comfort zone, a closet whore. You made it happen in the park, torrential downpour and you wore a spandex skirt. Don’t you want to play again, today is perfect…find me

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Buford Exxon cute southern accent guy 🙂 – m4m – 20 (Bon Air) 3/28 age : 20

Hey, you ran my transaction this morning and watched me struggle to find 4 cents. Haha you were adorable and I wanted your number but I was in a rush. Reply with the type of cigs I bought if you see this 🙂

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