Best of RVA Craigslist Missed Connections 7/22-7/28

by | Jul 29, 2014 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

If you’re single and live in RVA, perhaps the river is where you should go. It sure seems like theres a lot of bunnies and foxes down there, or maybe that’s just what this week’s CL missed connections seem to suggest. Either way, take a gander at our “best of” for the week and post your own and maybe your future-true love will rise from the waters.

Delta Flight from Atlanta – m4m 6/27

You sat next to me on the flight from Atlanta today. I was in the window seat and you were in the aisle seat, and you kept looking over at my crotch. Would love to get together sometime if interested. Very discreet professional wm here.

Let me know what flight and where you were sitting so I’ll know it’s you.

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McDonald’s next to Amtrak (Staples Mill) – m4m – 65 (McDonalds) 6/27

Saturday, July 26, at 11:00 a.m. You sat outside McDonalds to make a cellphone call. Then came inside to get some food. We both had to wait a few minutes while they converted from breakfast to lunch. Exactly 11:00 a.m. I mostly stood behind you admiring your body and butt!

You knew I was cruising you, with your brown backpack. You had an odd collection of tattoos. Some frosting(?) blonde on your hair.

I was ready to chat you up when some girls drove up to pick you up!!! I was so shocked and disappointed.

Next time go home with daddy!!! Not with those girls.

I’m guess you must live within a short walk of Amtrak/McDonalds/CVS.

Besides, you need a caring, generous daddy!

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Have a.. – m4w (rva) 6/27

big swollenhead,thinking of you!I want to bend you over and pound you. Dont really want to hang out with you,just fwb,you’r pretty and I like you too..maybe you dont understand, I wish you did.

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river rat – w4m – 23 (james river) 6/27

you were canoeing with your friends yesterday and we talked at the rope swing. you were so cute and i loved your tattoos. i tried to get your number but you just paddled away!! message me back and tell me what my hair looked like, richmond boy.

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Diascund reservoir – m4mw (Lanexa) 6/26

I was fishing today and as I came up to the ramp I noticed you guys taking some pics on the shore. Did I interrupt your plans to take some more provacative pics? If so, I apologize but if you need someone to take some pics for you just let me know 🙂

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You were recycling. I had to stop and chat – m4w – 47 (West End Henrico) 6/24

You were recycling and was having a little problem. I talked to you a while. I had to see your beautiful body and hair up close. I also noticed the rings that you were wearing 🙁
I just wanted to let you know that you made my day and I would love to meet you in Short Pump or a place of your choice for drinks, dinner, conversation. If you see this Know that you made a comment about my eyes and I wanted to tell you how beautiful I think you are and would love to talk again. It’s a long shot as you are probably too high class to look at c/l but I believe we’re all put in peoples lives for a reason. Reply with what problem you had or what kind of car you were driving. You can even tell me what you said to me that made my day.
Hope you see this and reply.

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Gorgeous Asian Woman – m4w – 38 (Downtown) 6/23

To the incredibly gorgeous young woman in the short skirt walking into the 14th Street deck this afternoon… I wanted to say hi…invite you for a drink…I was speechless. You are beyond description….

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Robert at the ABC Store in Oxbridge Square – m4m (ABC Store, Oxbridge Square) 6/23

Just a note for Robert, who works at the ABC Store in Oxbridge Square: You are so smoking hot! And, you seem like a really nice guy, to boot. I’m not even trying to pick you up, just wanted to pay you a compliment. Seriously, HOT. Really. Damn.

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Cook at Millie’s – w4m – 27 (Millie’s Diner ) 6/22

You are the tall, brawny cook at Millie’s Diner. You have a beard and tattoos. I am the blonde steadily gazing at you over my omelet and mimosa. We’ve held eye contact several times, but have never actually spoken. The food at Millie’s is good, but I go there to see you.

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corner of Lombardy and Grace around 12:30 wearing burgundy creepers – w4w – 23 6/22

you were wearing all black with a tall blonde top knot and burgundy creepers standing at the corner of grace and Lombardy today while I was waiting at the light. I don’t know anything about you, you probably aren’t interested in girls and you’ll probably never see this but you looked like my dream girl. if you do see this and you aren’t creeped out, message me and let me take you out for a cup of coffee, if nothing else everyone likes a free cup of coffee right?

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