Best of RVA Craigslist Missed Connections 7/14-7/21

by | Jul 23, 2014 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Just when the weather was cooling down, summer came back and smacked us all in the face like a disobedient child.

Just when the weather was cooling down, summer came back and smacked us all in the face like a disobedient child.

So now’s the perfect time to find some AC and a lucky man or woman to get cool with – perhaps you’ll find them below.

So keep posting those creative CL posts folks – and if you think you’re the one the poster missed, don’t hesitate to ‘go for a ride…’

Helping hand lol – m4w (west end) 7/21

To the woman that saw me “looking” at my cell phone in my automobile. And asked if you could help. Thank you and it was soo hot. Hope to bump into you again. Hopefully you stop at the same place again sometime. (Wink)

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Home Depot paint- Brunette w/ reddish pants – m4w – 38 7/20

So this was the Home Depot on Broad by Glenside. It was around 1:30pm on Sunday. You were walking up to the paint counter and we caught eyes and both kinda made an awkward eyebrow raised face. hahha.. I ‘m sure that’s an appropriate greeting somewhere. Anyway. You had on reddish pants, a white top and sunglasses hanging from the neck of you shirt. You had brown hair and brown eyes. So what were you painting pinkish anyway? I was listening to you talk to the paint mixing people and you sounded so nice. I have a lot more painting to do so yeah, you can help ;). There is a smoothie in it for ya!

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John at Lombardy Coin Laundry – w4m – 34 (Floyd and Lombardy) 7/20

If your blues eyes hadn’t left me speechless I would have returned the complement or asked you to lunch.

Thank you again for what you said. I was sort of having a bad week, the kind where you contemplate giving up over your frozen dinner for one. I’ve got the confidence and self esteem of a turtle… Being called pretty is going to help me keep my chin up for a very long time.

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Sad girl in the hall on Grove St apt. – m4w – 24 (the fan) 7/20

Around 2 tonight I heard banging down the hall and I spoke with you. You seemed pretty upset about your friends boyfriend? Idk what happened but after we talked you thanked me for checking on you and walked away. I can’t help but feel upset about whatever happened. You seem like a very nice girl and you’re beautiful. Not someone I would ever want to see cry. This is probably a shot in the dark and a pretty unusual way to talk to a girl but if you see this and want to talk or maybe get to know each other hit me up.

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Almost bike collision – m4w (Fan) 7/18

I was the creepy guy on the bike that almost ran you over at w. grace and meadow Thursday night around midnight. By creepy I mean actually handsome, longish hair guy. I sheepishly exclaimed, “hey how’s it going.” You did not respond. Smart move. But your face said, “yes, this is a creepy situation – me walking alone on grace st. at midnight, however, he actually is a pretty good looking, normal dude.” But me, being the gentleman that I am, kept riding because I didn’t want to be creepy. I truly wanted to ride back and just say: “hey, you should come to this show with me — oh, and on a side note, you are beautiful and should not be walking home alone – especially on grace at midnight.” I kind of wish we had actually collided…

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Cap’n Kittymuffnz – w4m (Richmond) 7/17

I was hanging out with a guy friend at the bar on $3 can night. You were super chipper and cute. Pretty sure you were lookin at me, and I was definitely lookin at you. Dunno if you read these, but I figure it’s worth a shot. Wanna hang out?

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Treadmill Beauty – m4w (Mechanicsville/Burkwood) 7/15

We’ve been next to each other now a couple of times on the treadmills at Burkwood (evenings). You are young but oh so cute! You had on a VA Tech shirt the fist time we worked out side by side. Thanks for inspiring me to push myself beyond what I normally would do. Even though you probably have no interest in this “older” guy, I look forward to seeing you every time I come to the gym. 🙂

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To the lovely girl with the pink flower in her hair – m4w (Harrison st) 7/15

Where to begin? We met this afternoon at Harrison st cafe. You were meeting up with some friends and I was grabbing a quick bite by myself. Your friend was in line a head of me ordering her food, but you jumped in line behind me so as not to cut anyone. A courteous act which I was grateful for, but I offered for you to jump ahead of me anyway as it wouldn’t have been a bother to me. You turned it down and showed your polite nature. I didn’t expect to meet someone so charming when I stepped out of the door today, and that smile of your’s could melt an ice king’s heart. I would have loved to continue to strike up a conversation with you, but alas! I must admit I was a bit nervous and lost my words like a set of keys you don’t realize were just in a different pocket the whole time. I suppose what I’m trying to say is you seem like the sort of groovy individual I would vibe with, and I’d love to get to know you, charming stranger, over a delicious beverage of some sort. If you read these and would be interested, let me know. If you don’t read these, which is a strong possibility, maybe we’ll cross paths again and I’ll know which pocket my keys are in this time. Haha

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Tattooed Cowgirl at food lion – m4w – 32 (goochland) 7/14

You’re blonde, tatted, sexy and drive a white Honda. You looked so fly, want to go for a ride?

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