Best of Craigslist missed connections 12/30-1/7

by | Jan 7, 2015 | POLITICS, RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

New year means new missed connections, and it seems that the gym is not the only place where people carry out their resolutions. Some people may want to take a second look at what they’ve resolved to do. A new year means a new chance at love, so look below and see if you’ve been noticed. But be careful–not everyone may be as clean as they seem.

to my married coworker – w4m (Chester) 1/6

you’re married, and i can’t tell if you’re just being nice to me or if you’re flirting with me, and it’s frustrating because you’re seriously attractive and i cannot stop thinking about you and it’s driving me up the freakin’ wall.

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pregnant blonde at food lion – m4w (prince george) 1/6

I hope you see this. I just wanted to let you know that you are very cute with a great smile. I look forward to seeing you working every time I come in.

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Looking for EJ, the chef, rapper, mixoligist (Chesterfield) 1/6

Hello EJ, I hope you see this by some chance. This is the Dietitian you met at the store while shopping for headphones for your train ride to Jersey. If you get this let me know what store we met at and why you haven’t called.

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you have Hepatitis – m4w 1/5

One that is curable. Two it is only transmitted by blood. I am not sure who you are trying to call out on this post but Hep C can be fixed pretty easy….it is the other two, B and A, that are a problem.

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Hottie w/ Glasses at Krogers – w4w (Carytown) 1/4

Hey there. You winked at me and smiled. I wasn’t quite sure if it was at me, but then you smiled again as I returned the favor. We crossed paths in the vegetable/fruit section of the store. You were wearing a blue sweater and grey skirt. By the way, your legs look great in those grey stockings. Did you mean to wink at me? bc you are excellent at winking, and I’d like to let you know that you made my day so much better. By the way, you look incredibly cute with glasses. I loved the way your eyes twinkled.


Random Girl from the Grocery Store Who was Captivated by Our Encounter

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Dominos Late Delivery (Sio…) (Glen Allen) 1/3

Hey – thanks for the late delivery and the cigs – just realized that I didn’t add tip to the tab – sorry!!! If you stop back over I will give you good ‘tip’!

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Hot Sk8er Changing trash – m4m – 22 (Westchester WaWa) 1/2

You have these sexy gauges and these hot black skinny pants on. You were changing the trash around 6ish this evening. I didn’t notice you at first, but when I turned around you were like this gorgeous dude. We made eye contact but it was awkward, and I didn’t want to hit on you while you were cleaning the trash cans. Maybe we could get dirty somewhere less public..

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Best friends father – m4m 12/31

I grew up down the road from you.

Your house is still blue and you’ve paved your driveway. I’ve always had a crush on you and I would love to have you come over sometime.

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All dem fine ass bitches at the Chipotle – m4w 12/30

I seen you at the Chipotle, working them beans, handling that meat. I would like to put some guacamole on your taco and lick it off or maybe fill u with some of my sour cream. Hit me up if you wanna get stuffed with my huge burrito.

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tall blond in krogers that i said i liked your boods – m4w 12/29

IN KROGERS STUNNING tall beautiful blonde that took my breath away ,, I just had to say I liked youR boots, and you said thank you.

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