GayRVA’s Best Stories of 2019

by | Jan 1, 2020 | QUEER RVA

Another year has gone into the books, full of ups and downs for the LGBTQ community here in Virginia and all around the world. As we celebrate the beginning of a new decade and look forward to a brighter year ahead, we wanted to take one last look back at the year that was, with a recap of GayRVA’s most popular stories from 2019.

From drag queens and dance parties to the growth of Pride around the Commonwealth, we covered it all… plus a whole lot of chicken sandwiches (yes, folks, where you grab lunch is an LGBTQ issue), an immortal Richmond gay icon, and the Westboro Baptist Church being run out of town. Relive all the big moments and catch up on the stories you missed the first time with this final look back at the year that was 2019 in LGBTQ Virginia.

Happy 2020, everyone!

  1. Cobra Cabana Takes A Stand With Their Gay-Fil-A Special
  2. Sold Out Nationwide: Popeyes Non-Homophobic Chicken Sandwich Is A Monster Hit
  3. No Genre, No Gender: LGBTQ Music Thrives in Richmond
  4. LGBTQ Rights Book Inspires Outrage For Elementary School Parent In Hanover
  5. The Triumphant Return of Richmond’s Beloved Queer Dance Party
  6. Westboro Baptist Church Hurls Slurs Ahead of Richmond Visit
  7. Long Live The Dirt: A Monument In Memory of Dirtwoman Comes To Oregon Hill
  8. The Technicolor Troll Drag of Richmond’s Own Sweet Pickles
  9. Driver Defaces Rainbow Intersection In Scott’s Addition With Skid Marks
  10. Zachary Brown Brings Youthful Determination to Campaign for State Senate
  11. Chicki Parm: The Comedy Queen of Richmond
  12. Equality Virginia’s Annual Commonwealth Dinner Recognizes 2019’s OUTstanding Virginians
  13. Westboro Baptist Church’s Protest at VCU Was Vastly Outnumbered By LGBTQ Counter-Protesters
  14. Hollins University Changes Policy On Transgender Students
  15. It Isn’t Just For Big Cities Anymore: Across Virginia, Smaller Communities Bring Pride to Main Street
  16. Won’t You Be My Gaybor?
  17. JK Rowling Is On Board The TERF Train
  18. 13 Fascinating Movies That Celebrate The Richness of the Transgender Experience
  19. Op-Ed: Gay Men Have a Stake In the Abortion Debate — The Women Who Have Always Supported Us
  20. Michael Berlucchi Appointed To Serve Interim Term on Virginia Beach City Council
  21. Re-Educating Richmond: An LGBTQ History Lesson at the VHMC
  22. VCU Launches Minor In LGBT+ and Queer Studies
  23. UMC’s Anti-Gay Vote Creates Dilemma For LGBTQ Church Members
  24. Mario Lopez Says It’s Dangerous to Support Transgender Kids
  25. Get A Taste Of Betty Who At This Year’s VA PrideFest

GayRVA Staff

GayRVA Staff

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