Best of RVA Missed Connections 1/10/18-1/16/18

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In this week’s collection of the top Missed Connections stories on Craigslist, we have some old school laundromat lust, a seductive encounter at the salad bar, a sex partygoer looking to heat things up again, and some wholesome no frills love at Cracker Barrel. Check out what all the fuss is about below.

22 years ago this month – m4w (The Fan) 

Time is the fire in which we burn. Time is life’ s cruelest joke. How can it have been 22 years? I was only 21 at the time, and even less mature. You were immature too, maybe the naïveté was part of it. I could write all day where it went wrong but when it was good, it was the best. You even said ” oh god you’re the best”, remember? You tried to deny it later. You always had to be too cool for school. You said it made you uncomfortable when I told you that you were beautiful. Did you not think I meant it? You were the smartest person in any room and I knew that he day we met. Your mind was razor sharp. On the rare chance that you let your guard down and allowed yourself to laugh, your eyes lit up and it was the greatest sound in the world.

The way you looked at me after I first kissed you, I would give anything to see again. No woman has ever looked at me like that, before or since. I was so nervous, we were alone and it still took me an hour to get up the nerve to kiss you. Apparently you were getting impatient, because after I did, you pulled back and gave me that look, that smile, then you pounced on me! I was struggling to keep up and afraid you would be able to tell how inexperienced I was. It was incredible, but my clearest memory is your smile. That image is frozen in my mind.

Life. Life takes us apart, and tears us apart, and then we are left to wallow in moments that will never reoccur while we run out the clock. 22 years, Wherever you are, I hope by now you know how beautiful you are.

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You’re not actually Satan, lady. – m4w (RVA) 

I’m sorry everything got so fucked up and we fought so much. I wish I could still come to your place and hold you and talk and laugh with you. But I know you’ll never let your defenses down again, just like I’d have trouble doing.  So instead, when I feel the need to reach out to you, I’m just gonna blather into the nothingness here. Maybe one day you’ll want to talk again.

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U R the hottest cable tech! – m4w (Richmond)

Hello! We met last week when you set up my system. You appear to be mixed, and you have tattoos as well. I thought we hit it off as soon as you got here. Hope you’re reading this. Would love to be friends, at least.Reply with your name and tell me something that only you and I would know.

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Should have got your  (West broad village/shortpump)

I was standing at the salad bar in wholefoods, trying to figure out what I wanted. You suggested I try the chicken something, and you kept saying it melts in your mouth. Everytime we made eye contact you bit your lip, I wish I had asked for your number. I hope ill get another chance to see you.

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Saw you at the laundromat – w4m (Super Suds)

Hi, this a long shot. We we’re at the laundry mat this am.. You we’re a nice looking guy. You we’re driving a red truck with out of states plates. Would like to see if you are single. Would like to talk.. If you have qwikmeet send me the name you go by.

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Sex party over a year ago. It’s a long shot, but still. – m4m

You were at a sex party about a year ago. You’re a tall muscular black top and live in Chesterfield. We made-out a lot and really seemed to have chemistry considering the environment we were in. I don’t know why I thought about you suddenly, and it’s a 99.9% long shot. But if you see this, reply with a description of me and the location this took place.

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twins at barcode – m4m (grace st.) 

I am hoping to find the sexy twins who were at the bar last night. We chatted for a little bit on the back deck until one of you had to leave quickly because you weren’t feeling well.

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Cracker barrel cashier – m4w (Mayland dr)

To the morning cashier this past weekend. I loved your brown boots. Hope to hear from you

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we had sex at the hotel on Dickens road – m4w (west end hotel)

We were both not getting what we needed at home. We also got busy during a naptime. So how have you been?

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We hugged at Sam’s – m4w (Midlothian)

I said that you are a beautiful lady and you gave me hug in the front of the store. I’ll be back to ask you out…soon. Let’s talk!

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Kurt – Cashier at Food Lion ( Village Market Place) – m4m (13100 Midlothian Turnpike)

Kurt you have cashed me out many times , you are thin with dark hair and with a beard, you are very outgoing and smile every time i think you are cute as hell i would like to get to know you better , im 39yo tall nice looking with tattoos that you always comment on them anyway if u see this hit me back would like to talk !!

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Photo Credit: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 


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