Best of RVA Missed Connections 1/4/18-1/9/18

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New year, same naughty, sketchy, peculiarly romantic encounters for the people over in Missed Connections this week. In this batch, we have more sock and foot fetishes, of course, sparks fly at a 90s party at The National,  along with New York Deli, and Tarrant’s Cafe. All that and more, below.

I Saw U Peeking 😉 – m4w (bedroom)

u could of waved or better came out & said hi bt I saw u lol u cute we should kick it lmk

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you – m4w

There were gasps all through the air

For everyone seemed to care

They said she was so great

But their compliments were too late

Her note read like this

‘Nothing in my life is bliss

And no one sees the tears I cry

You will only care once i die

Perfection was only a minor concern

Love is what I yearn

This pain you say you now feel

Is probably not even real

As you sit there and moap or gloat

What you just read was my suicide note’

No words were spoken

No silence broken

No child whined

And no one shined

They were all put down to dirt

To see how she hurt

This was her master plan

To hurt the common man

To feel the way she did

Little baby suicide kid

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Late for dinner – m4w (Petersburg)

We were supposed to meet for dinner, but you didn’t show. I haven’t heard from you in weeks. Your phone has been disconnected, and I don’t get anymore emails. I was/am worried something bad happened. I was excited to meet you, and I thought you felt the same. I hope you see this, and message me. I’d like to pick up where we left off.

Tell me where we were supposed to meet & eat on that Tuesday night. Or call me and let me know you’re okay.

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Easy money for women with nice feet – m4w (Rva)


So, not much to it. I’m an attractive fit male with a strong foot fetish looking for a dominant girl who’d be interested in taking advantage of it. That’s it!

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Adam hoylman dinwiddie – w4m

dear Santa..I would like a fine a$$ man named Adam for Christmas..I know I’m on the naughty list but maybe you can make an exception just this once ?

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In Kroger – m4w (Midlothian)

You had brownish hair and 45-55. I thought you were very attractive and liked your plump booty. We smiled at each other and I think we now need to hold hands and skip thru flowery fields in slow motion with a slow song playing.

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sock fetish – m4w

Any girls who dont mind showing there socks off for me, hit me up. I seen a girl in short pump yesterday with slide style flops and purple socks oh my i was turned on so bad

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Didn’t you ever… – m4w (rva)

just wanna ‘give in’? Text me saying you want to see me. Saying you’ve needed me for too long for you to hold out anymore. Haven’t you even been curious as to how it would feel? What emotions would arise for you? So much repressed passion pulsating between two figures who always knew they were in love. You know I’d come to you if you in an instant if you just sent one word to me. You know I would put all your other suitors to shame and you would regret all the wasted time. Yet I’m not trying to shame you for our failures in the past. I’m not a saint. I’m a man with a love that burns so deeply I can’t give up. That love is only for you, and to have me all you have to do is say so. Call, text, fucking show up to where I live I just want you in your entirety. I always have and always will. I don’t want to harass you via text or be a creeper that calls repeatedly but my desire for you is ever-present so it’s time for you to reach out. I would be so utterly enraptured to hear from you that I think it would make my heart stop for a brief moment. I love you, I think you’re the most beautiful person I have ever met on every level. Reach out to me and let’s let the lovely moments find us again. Prove to me I have an ounce of good luck left in my life.

If you do respond to this email post your or my initials if you want to go that way…

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WAWA Midlothian Wednesday night, you carried my coffee – m4w (Chesterfield)

My hands were full and you helped carry my coffee to the other register. I would like to say thank you again. You are a beautiful woman and I enjoyed our brief conversation. Hope you are enjoying your day off this Thursday. BTW, I ended up not going in to work, they closed due to the storm.

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Piercer at River City – m4w

You are so cute with your crushed velvet hat and shy smiles. Love your body art and manner.
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New York Deli – m4w (New York Deli)

You was sitting at the bar with friends, I was leaving out. Out of nowhere u reached an hugged me and said its nice to see you. This is a long shot that u will see this post, but every change I get im coming back in to try an find u again.
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waitress at Tarrant’s Cafe – m4w (Richmond)

I was with a friend during brunch on Sunday at Tarrant’s Cafe. you where our server, and i thought you where absolutely gorgeous, you where extremely nice. and I wanted to say something to you, but I didn’t want to seem rude to my friend. I was wearing a black dobb hat, a blue flannel, and i kept saying thank you in different labguages. if you remember me and think there possibly could be a connection please try to reach out to me
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New Year’s 90s party – m4w (the National) 

Can’t get you out of my mind, should’ve asked your number. Would love to take you out sometime.
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