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Even if the craziness of the holidays has turned you into a Scrooge, the folks over at Missed Connections are sure to fill you with cheer with their antics and endless quest for love.  This week, things heat up at Station 2 between two strangers and in the bathroom at Sticky Rice, there’s a very, very strange interaction in a Carytown bookstore, and a guy with a hypnosis fetish is looking to be put under. Check out all that and more below.

China Panda-no meat – m4w (Midlothian)

We talked about not talking about politics. I cheered on the inside every time they took your order back to make changes. I asked if you were seeing someone and you said you had just started. I should have asked for your number anyway. I should have gave you mine. I should have done something. I told you I am no good at this sort of thing. You were lovely, quick, smart and funny. I asked your name three times…not because I didn’t hear…but because I wanted to remember. I remember. Tell me your famous name so I will know it is you.

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This is for no one (Richmond)

Thought I was that special someone in your life looking to reconnect. I know for a fact based on the previous times I’ve posted that at least one of my readers is likely to be some creeper dude, it seems to be the case regardless of whether I state my sex or not. Spoiler Alet: Also a dude, dude. I can’t lie though, I did get a kick out of the last reply like that, “Hey, I like anime too, we should chill sometime”. Oh, awesome! You like anime, I like anime, let me see when I’m free to meet up with this nameless dude who’s suddenly interested in me. Messed up part is I don’t even like anime, except Clannad, also Hayao Miyazaki’s films are objectively pretty top notch… All right, fine, some of it’s okay I guess.

But I digress, I suppose I’m just disheartened by the BS. I feel almost everything in life is just a distraction. All the news and entertainment of the day is just a social media post or throwaway conversation to unload on someone. Yet everyone, on some level, is searching for some sort of connection. Oh, the wonderful irony of that. Anyway, if you’re still reading, I hope you find whatever you were looking for. Unless you’re that creepy dude I was talking about, in which case, I’ve got an estranged father you’d get along famously with.

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Station 2 Handsome Guy – w4m

Hey! You were at Station 2 on Saturday 12/9 at 11pm. You were in a blue shirt and so handsome. Not to mention you have a great taste in style. I could see you sneaking pics at me and my friends. I wanted to say something but I was tipsy and afraid I would blow it. Now the sober me is regretting it. So I would like to make a connection and see what happens

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Home Depot Bulge – m4m (Mechanicsville)

To the guy in Home Depot around noon today with big bulge. Thank you for the show! You had jeans on and a blue shirt/jacket. Would love to see more of what you have in those jeans!

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Looking for Drew – m4m

Trying to reach out and find a friend I lost touch with, he lived here in Richmond a few years back, lived with a gay cousin in the fan, the guys name is drew I think, he only had one hand, if anyone knows anything hit me up.

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Good Book – m4w (Carytown)

I was in your bookstore and I said I like books and you said well you are in the right place mister is there anything I can help you find today. And so I said a good book and you asked what kind of books do you like. And I said the good book as in the lord’s word and you looked like you just crapped a pineapple but then I said just joshin. Then I said I like chapter books like for little kids. Then I said just joshin again. You said you had other customers. I said your other customers must be spirits cause I don’t see ’em. And you said just joshin like you were askin it, not tellin. And I said ha ha now I’m gonna browse. Now I love you with an abiding passion forever and have tattooed my testimony to that effect backwards upon my forehead so that I am reminded of our shared passion when I see it in the mirror while I undertake my morning ablutions. Just joshin, the tattoo’s on my chest.  Tell me how many fingers I have left and maybe we can share a soda together.

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Sticky Rice Saturday Night – m4m

We chatted in the restroom, you said I looked like a movie star. Email me what movie star so I know it’s you. I wanted to give you my number, but didn’t know if you were gay.

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we had sex at the hotel on Dickens road – m4w (west end hotel)

We were both not getting what we needed at home. We also got busy during a naptime. So how have you been?

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Driving me crazy – m4w (Scott’s addition)

ou drive me insane in our office. We never speak more than a hi or a smile, or the thank you i get when i hold the door for you in the mornings. You are so damn gorgeous it drives me insane, and i know you can tell. It takes everything in my power to not just stare at you when you walk by, or when you’re sitting at the desk behind me. I know you won’t see this and it won’t amount to anything, but if you do happen to see this, just know how gorgeous you really are.

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Looking for hypnotist to put me under – m4m

Have always had a hypnosis fetish but have never been put under before. Would love to try and see if I can be put under. Once under, I would allow you to do anything you wish as long as it is safe and sane. Older guy here, muscular, clean disease free. you be too. Lets see if we can make this work.

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