Best of RVA Missed Connections 2/7/18 – 2/13/18

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In this week of RVA Missed Connections, we have an interesting collection of experiences from a man looking for a secret sugar daddy, to a Fancy Biscuit Flirtation, to a bald guy fetish, a mom with a face tat at McDonald’s gets a secret admirer and two people “bumping” at the VMFA. All that and more below. 

Secret Sugar Daddy – m4m (Richmond)

When I was 17, I had a neighbor down the street that I would help with projects around the house. It evolved into me jerking off for him when the wife and kids were away, and he would tip me extra as his way to make sure I kept quiet. I even babysat for them and to this day, the wife has no idea. When I was 22, I ended up having a similar relationship with a very influential politician. If you dont want to be part of the “me too” movement, I am your guy. I have never, ever, spilled a secret. If it is meant to be between us, I make sure it stays that way.

I miss those secret relationships that give you a reason to check your phone in the morning. I am looking for a guy that is into the idea and up for developing a secret relationship. I wouldnt expect you to trust someone on Craigslist, and I will give you the same skepticism at first. I am an attractive, educated, and intelligent guy. Looking for the right type of person for this scenario. Please only email if you are serious.

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9 years… From Bdubs to St. Augustine…. – w4m

This is a long shot as I know we have both moved on and I am the one who ended things…but I just wanted to let you know I miss you. I miss my best friend. I am happy you have moved on and found happiness and I hope she is everything you deserve and that you do not repeat past mistakes…. I wish we could have a friendship more than anything, but I know that isn’t possible…. but I just had to put it out here that I miss you…. I would love to hear from you and just to catch up and talk…. but I know that’s probably not going to happen…. If you do happen to respond to this, let me know you are legit by letting me know where we would have gone on our 10 year anniversary.

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KB Dub – w4m (Henrico-chesterfield)

I’m sorry, am always going to have slight feelings. We’ve managed to keep in contact off and on for about 10 years and I value our friendship over my awkward feels. That ship has long since sailed, life is complicated. This year has been a whirlwind, you’d think I would be hurting more in lieu of semi-recent circumstances. Walking away from toxic people is important. It’s all worth it in the end, yeah? I’ve learned some pretty extreme lessons over the past few years. Thanks for always being there for me. You’re appreciated more than you know. So, more than anything…Regardless of whats in store, here’s to hoping we can continue our friendship through the next 10+ years. I’ll always be there for you, if you let me.

Miss seeing you.

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Big Bald Guy in MCV Cafeteria – w4m (MCV)

I do feel a little silly but life is too short not to grab for all of the gusto you can get. I was in the MCV cafeteria a couple weeks ago and there was a BIG bald man in some sort of uniform waiting in the Chick-Fil-A area. I have such a thing for big bald me. YUM!! I kept looking at him and wanted to say hi but didn’t. Damn!!! Wish I had!!

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Re: wish I had – m4w

Ditched your ass long ago. Nice final attempt to hurt me. I’m glad I waited to respond. You haven’t changed one bit; you still exist to torture me. I thought it was me for the longest time that kept us apart. No, it’s entirely your doing. You just can’t get enough of my misery. Every time I start to feel better you appear out of the woodwork to make me feel bad. I officially opt out. Fuck you, and no I won’t fuck you. Ever. The thought of you actually disgusts me now. I won’t give you the dignity of another phone call, or even the slightest hint I like you. You know why? Because I officially hate you. Congratulations, you did this to yourself. Now sleep in that disgusting bed you made. Forever.

Saying I hate you is a downright lie. I could never. And I could never say that to your face either. Here I am taking an eye for an eye. You hurt me, therefore, I hurt you back. I’m so tired of this knee-jerk reaction. I just want you in my arms Wow, look at me. King of self-sabotage. You are amazing to put up with my self-sabotage for as long as you did.

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The Fancy Biscuit – m4w (North Chesterfield)

Saw you when i was walking out you caught my attention you were wearing rain boots with a skirt, it was a rainy Sunday morning.

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Daniel – m4m (1104 courthouse rd)

you work in a drugstore iv seen u a few times and we have talked you seem very cool, am a biwm 26yo 6’4 blue eyes blond hair you have have said that you really like my two full arm sleeve tattoos, and that you really want to get one, any way the last time i seen you i was was my girl at the store but i would like to get to know you outside of your work place one on one if you catch my dirft if you see this or anyone knows him please hit me up

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Server at Peter Chang’s (the Hof) – m4w

I was in for dinner last night and you were not my server. We made eye contact a few times. You are stunning with hair tied back into a bun and a cactus tattoo on your arm. I had on a red hat and jean jacket. Never do this but figure what can it hurt?

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door codes… – m4w

ANY time you need a code to get in a door, I hope I’m there…. You’re an angel and the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life 🙂

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Doing the Bump at VMFA (Hopewell)

Fun “bumping” at the VMFA. Hope you got home ok. Wanted to drive you but could not get away. Hope you had fun, I did.

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Tattoed mommy at McDonald’s in Short Pump – m4w (Short pump) 

You were the mom with the cutest little boy and a pretty awesome face tattoo! You saw me staring and waved, I called to you to come back and get my number but you were too far gone. I contemplated pulling out of the drive through and stopping you to give you my card but did not 🙁 if by some miracle you see this, let me know what I looked like or what I was driving and let’s get drinks or smoke a bowl and kick it!

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Final Gravity brewery Thursday evening – w4m (Final Gravity)

You are tall with salt and pepper hair, I am brunette with a pink fluffy coat. We made eye contact a couple times. I was thinking of a way to say hello when you and your buddy left. Email me if you think this is you with some other detail of the brief encounter.

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